Photos Of Free or Cheap Abandoned Houses in Japan

Monica Gray - September 15, 2023

A Double Whammy Kominka

With this deal, you’ll get two Machiya townhouses built in the early Showa era. They’re both near downtown Kanazawa. The previous owner used one as a shared home, and the other as a residential property. There’s a cute backyard with greenery and plants, which you can convert into a small garden (Instagram).


The Perfect Family Home

Take note, you can only purchase this Kominka home if you plan on living in it. Other uses, like converting it into a guesthouse or restaurant, need permission from the city. This Akiya is over 100 years old, and a one-hour drive from downtown Kobe. It belonged to a family that prospered as a cotton trader back in the late Edo period. It has a main house, garden, four storehouses, and a cow shed (Instagram).


A Home With A Karahafu Style Entrance

This Kominka is a rare find, as it combines different traditional styles into one home. You’ll commonly see this Karahafu-styled entrance in traditional architecture, like Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples. It’s a 40-minute drive from downtown Nagoya city and dates back over 120 years (Instagram).


A Home From 1977

Despite this being a home dating back more than 40 years, it’s still a hidden gem. It’s located in an urbanized area and costs roughly 7 million Yen, or $47,000. You’ll get four rooms, plus an additional living room, kitchen, and dining room. It’s perfect for a big family with little kids, as you’ll each get your bedroom. It’s located in Toba City and needs quite a bit of renovation before it’s livable, though it’s worth the investment (Akiya).