Uninhabitable Conditions New Yorkers Will Actually Pay Thousands to Live In

Trista - November 14, 2022

It is like living in a college dorm but smaller.

Here’s how you make the best out of a small space apartment in New York City. This is Axel Webber, and he claims to live in the smallest apartment in NYC (which, judging by the rest of the apartments in this list, is completely wrong), but as you can see, he has almost everything he needs in one tiny space. A decent-sized refrigerator, microwave, a place to put his groceries and plate, a sink, bunk beds, and a closet area. It looks messy since there’s barely any space left, but at least his essentials are there. This seems like another “you need to share your bathroom” situation, which I hope is not as bad as one in a college dorm. 


Surprisingly the nicest apartment on this list.

I think if Cait has actually seen the pictures that are on this list, I don’t think she’ll be so outraged about having a washing machine in the kitchen. All things considered; this is a really nice kitchen that looks spacious. It doesn’t have a shower or toilet close to it. You can freely open the oven and not hit a wall, have a good size fridge and cabinets to put as much dinnerware and kitchenware as you want. If they are going to rent that kitchen separately, they can easily charge $3,000 for all that space. For being the only apartment we have seen with a washing machine, it deserves to be number one.