What People Ordered VS What They Got Shopping Online

Trista - December 31, 2021

12. Oh No to this Toy

You might look at this and think, hey! That’s not so bad. Well, like other items on the list, an overseas market flop got lost in trying to recreate a popular toy character. The advertised details in this dinosaur toy were cute and whimsical, and it is easy to see why the original poster would want the item. While small, the toy could present hours of imaginative battles. Nevertheless, instead of getting a Jurassic warrior ready to take on the bad guys, the original poster was in for a fight of a different kind. What arrived in the package was disappointing, to say the least. It is hardly recognizable.

At a closer glance, it is easy to see all of the mistakes with this online shopping experience. The colorization is wrong from head to toe, including the battle mask it was wearing. The eyes are sleepy and partially closed instead of fierce and ready to fight. This dino is not a terrifying sight in the least. Besides, it doesn’t even have his sharp fangs or bone-like club in his hand. From the color snafu to the missing parts, this is an online shopping disaster Keep reading for more online shopping mistakes that will make you shake your head in shame.

11. Psychedelic Tapestry Gone Wrong

Many people like the out-of-sight blacklight tapestries that were famous in the seventies. The hippy trippy and off-the-wall wall decorations can be far out and eclectic in all of the right ways. There are many colors to work with. Plus, it can work wonders as a conversation piece, especially as it reacts with a black light. It can be easy to see why some may want to go a little out there when decorating a living room or bedroom with different kinds of decor that no one has seen or experienced before.

However, when a Reddit user showed the purchase on a recent thread, the gorgeous detailing on what was received did not have the same vibrant hues as what was actually delivered (via Reddit). Instead, the tapestry appeared washed out and dull. The design was not the only flaw. The original poster stated that tapestry does not even react under black light as initially intended. One clever commenter noticed that the colors were not the only off-kilter thing. “Saturn looks like a burger!” Another comment on the thread stated talked about how much of a “shame” the shopping fail was (via Reddit). 

10. Major Misspellings

Are you ready for more online shopping horror stories? Another cosmic letdown on this list attempted to showcase the signs of the Zodiac with a variety of intergalactic signs. The Zodiac is a popular conversation starter where everyone has a sign based on their birthday, and certain personality traits and daily predictions are then attributed depending on that sign. Some have even taken it a step further and used the Zodiac to describe how they interact with others and what best signs work with others regarding personal relationships.

This person wanted a T-shirt that celebrates all of the different signs in the cosmos. However, what was supposed to ship and what did leave a pretty puzzling effect. The same harmony was not there. Besides, look at the misspellings of “My Positive Vibes” on the lower half of the shirt (via Reddit). The moon is an outline as well as the center design. One commenter asked if the person who designed the shirt face-roll a keyboard (via Reddit). Something got lost in the translation on this one.

9. Go Jays … We Think

Another example of a garment that needs spellcheck is this jersey was supposed to be a sign of support for the favorite Major League baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays. The Canadian team has been a part of the American League Division of the professional sport since 1977. The logo in the corner features a small red Maple Leaf and pays homage to the Canadian flag. The name not only honors the bird of the same name, but it also falls in line with the traditional hue used in Toronto professional sports.

Well, “blue” it is not. A customer took to Twitter to voice her displeasure about the mistake (via Insider). Nevertheless, several people comment that it may not be a switch of the two letters, but instead, the merchant used the French spelling of the color – “bleu” – and urged her to keep the jersey. Others poked lighthearted fun, saying that they liked “bleu cheese.” Either way, it is a lesson in the importance of learning more about a company before you purchase from them (via Insider).

8. A Devilish Light

It was right there in the name. However, what arrived was the equivalent of some terrifying nightmares. Not only was it not attractive, but it was also completely different than promised. Sure, it may have been a demon light, but 64Hassbot was hoping to receive a light to use in a party setting or a game room (via Reddit). The user had emailed the company to let them know the disappointment and had yet to confirm making it right.

Other users chimed in with similar sentiments, adding that they also had to wait for lengthy periods to receive their items from the company. One person said that they had asked for and after months of sending emails and “deafening silence,” the customer decided to request a refund for their item. The original poster said they asked for a refund after not hearing anything for months (via Reddit). You should note a buyer beware case to avoid an evil shopping nightmare.

7. A Tiny Backpack That Can’t Carry a School Book

Are you ready for more letdowns when it comes to online shopping? Check out this backpack! Backpacks are an essential part of going back to school, and students of all ages put their necessary supplies. Reading, writing, arithmetic, and other subjects are important parts of a well-rounded education, and schools feature them throughout the curriculum every year. They require books, paper, folders, pencils, pens, and other tools for academic success.

Dzzny took to Twitter to voice disappointment in a recent backpack purchase for his nephew (via Twitter). His mother ordered a cute red and black Converse book bag. However, when the sack arrived, it was much smaller than they initially expected. The bookbag could not even hold a single book, let alone enough for all subjects studied in a semester. The original poster stated on Twitter that the Converse bag was so small that it could fit in the palm of his hand (via Twitter). Talk about not making the grade!

6. Chicken Well, Well Done

Okay, so this is not online shopping, but still disappointing. Chicken is one of those proteins that people must cook thoroughly, and a meal with undone chicken can result in a severe case of food poisoning. Although known for its in-house burgers and bottomless orders of fries, the popular food chain Red Robin dabbles in a few clucking specialties. The Ensenada Chicken features one or two pieces of grilled chicken cooked on top of the ancho grill, along with homemade salsa and salsa-ranch dressing. Customers also get their choice of two sides with their meals. 

Presentation is critical, and this example is a case of much too done. When this lady ordered the meal after a visit to the restaurant, something was very wrong with the plate when it arrived at the table. The chicken was blackened entirely and tough to cut through, and the salsa was hardly recognizable (via Reddit). Some comments also seconded the sentiments with a “meh” and gritted teeth emoji (via Reddit). 

5. Avengers Un-Assemble on this Canvas

Marvel Comics has had quite the renaissance lately. Thanks to big-budget films and television programs, superheroes are more popular now than they have ever been before. The Avengers consist of many recognizable heroes, including Captain America, The Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and many others. Die-hard fans are excited to get anything they get their hands on to support their love for these epic stories. Well, almost anything.

Masterbuilder1 took pictures of artwork he purchased from the site Wish and put them up beside what arrived in the mail (via Reddit). The biggest difference was that the one offered was mounted on a canvas, while the one sent was just a printout. While some commenters shrugged and said the original poster over-expected the result, others were sympathetic. The person wanted to send the photo back, but the shipping and handling to return cost as much. Thus, he decided to keep it (via Reddit).

4. Size Does Matter

Here is another example of a gorgeous tapestry failing to meet expectations. Ackerman77 liked the quirky design featured on this acid tapestry (via Reddit). Furthermore, it is easy to see how psychedelic and cool. A closeup of the order information also promises “an insanely trippy artwork with the master rip goblin in the middle leading you through your voyage.” It also states that the tapestry was supposed to be large – 74-by-44 inches.

Well, the item that arrived left a lot more to the imagination. While the one in the advertising stretched across a wall, the one the user-posted barely fit alongside the couch. Not only that, but the design seemed faded and dull compared to the vibrant. Maybe the measurements were off because they counted the smaller goblin? One commenter suggested the original poster turn on a black light and “pretend you are smaller (via Reddit).” Keep reading for more online shopping mishaps!

3. An Itsy-Bitsy Teeny-Weeny Kitty Bikini

It is no day at the beach when you order something, and it does not come in the correct size. Swimwear can be difficult to purchase online, but no one thinks the sizing would be so off that it would fit a pet. A mother said her 16-year-old daughter bought a lace bikini from an online merchant and the size that arrived was much more than a size small (via ABC11). Rather than get angry over the misleading size, she decided to take a whole different approach and went viral in the process.

The mom took her complaint one step further by posting a hilarious and negative critique about the experience online. She posted the original advertised photo as well as another picture of the family cat in the bikini. The review said: “But, so you can see … here is a picture of our cat wearing it. To be fair, it does cover all of the cat’s [little parts], even though she hates the weave. In summary, do not buy this, even for your cat (via ABC11).” Now that’s the cat’s, er, um, bikini!

2. A Barely-There Dress Gone Wrong

Every girl should have a dress that she can rely on. Nothing can fit you better than a well-made dress, and like bathing suits, the best results are hard to come by in an online store. You can accentuate curves and have fabric flair out to hide any troubled spots. However, when the purchase is shipped directly to you, you must rely on standard sizing to fit your body.

Unfortunately for this customer, what was on the digital rack did not fit her like she thought it would. After posting the two images, she put the text “Never shopping online again” with several sad emojis in a row (via Daily Sun). Sure, the dress on the model looks like it fit her like a glove. However, the nude dress falls off her frame (via Daily Sun). The peekaboo midsection droops far below her belly button, and the bust hangs off her shoulders. It is not as flattering, and it fails to cover her adequately.

1. He Actually Loved His Accidental Dress

Even when it does not work out the way it is supposed to, you can still have a bit of fun with your predicament. Another dress failure, Jeremy posted on his Facebook wall an Amazon purchase that did not live up to his expectations. He purchased a muscle tank that he had hoped to wear during his workouts. While the model in the picture can wear the tank comfortably up to his hips, Jeremy discovered that there was much more fabric than he bargained for. 

Jeremy took the opportunity and had some fun at his own expense. He posted a mirror selfie next to the product to show how oversized the tank was. He was able to stretch the tank down to his mid-thigh and posted the hilarious zinger about how the shirt accentuated his body in a way he hadn’t intended. “I got this tank from Amazon, and they sent me a dress,” Jeremy said in his comment (via Elite Daily). “On the plus side, it does make my [butt] look good (via Elite Daily).” At least this shopping experience brings a smile to his face. Will you contine shopping online even after seeing all of these crazy deliveries gone wrong?