What People Ordered VS What They Got Shopping Online

Trista - December 31, 2021

2. A Barely-There Dress Gone Wrong

Every girl should have a dress that she can rely on. Nothing can fit you better than a well-made dress, and like bathing suits, the best results are hard to come by in an online store. You can accentuate curves and have fabric flair out to hide any troubled spots. However, when the purchase is shipped directly to you, you must rely on standard sizing to fit your body.

Unfortunately for this customer, what was on the digital rack did not fit her like she thought it would. After posting the two images, she put the text “Never shopping online again” with several sad emojis in a row (via Daily Sun). Sure, the dress on the model looks like it fit her like a glove. However, the nude dress falls off her frame (via Daily Sun). The peekaboo midsection droops far below her belly button, and the bust hangs off her shoulders. It is not as flattering, and it fails to cover her adequately.

1. He Actually Loved His Accidental Dress

Even when it does not work out the way it is supposed to, you can still have a bit of fun with your predicament. Another dress failure, Jeremy posted on his Facebook wall an Amazon purchase that did not live up to his expectations. He purchased a muscle tank that he had hoped to wear during his workouts. While the model in the picture can wear the tank comfortably up to his hips, Jeremy discovered that there was much more fabric than he bargained for.

Jeremy took the opportunity and had some fun at his own expense. He posted a mirror selfie next to the product to show how oversized the tank was. He was able to stretch the tank down to his mid-thigh and posted the hilarious zinger about how the shirt accentuated his body in a way he hadn’t intended. “I got this tank from Amazon, and they sent me a dress,” Jeremy said in his comment (via Elite Daily). “On the plus side, it does make my [butt] look good (via Elite Daily).” At least this shopping experience brings a smile to his face. Will you contine shopping online even after seeing all of these crazy deliveries gone wrong?