People who love growing flowers in their garden will enjoy watching Growing Floret. Credit: Floret

24. The New TV Series “Growing Floret” is About The Ins and Outs of Running a Cut Flower Farm

Growing Floret stars Erin and Chris Benzakian, a married couple who left Seattle to start a flower farm in the Skagit River Valley in Washington State. Instead of selling the flowers they grow, The Benzakians actually focus on producing flower seeds to sell on their website. This is great news for fans, because anything you see on their blog would be available to purchase and grow in your own garden, no matter where you live. Even before the TV series has premiered, Erin Benzakian has become one of the most well-known flower growers in the country, with her blog and books A Year in Flowers and Cut Flower Garden. She is taking her small 2-acre farm onto a 20 acre property, and the Magnolia Network is there every step of the way. Considering how popular gardening has become in 2020, this one is sure to be a success.