What to Expect on Joanna Gaines’ New Magnolia Network

Shannon Quinn - October 26, 2020

Chip and Joanna Gaines became household names after starring in the TV series “Fixer Upper” for five seasons. The couple embraced their home of Waco, Texas to become the central location of their business. After growing in popularity with viewers from all over the world, they expanded Joanna’s existing business, Magnolia, into an international home decor brand. Now, you can find their monthly magazine, vacation destination at The Silos, as well as a line of home wares at Target. One of their most anticipated projects yet is the Magnolia Network- an entire channel dedicated to beautiful lifestyle. We’re so excited to share what we know about the Magnolia Network, and when you can expect to be watching this amazing new content.

Fixer Upper is coming back with a new season of home makeovers. Credit: Magnolia Network

25. Chip and Joanna are Bringing Back Fixer Upper For a New Season

The TV show called Fixer Upper on HGTV is what made Chip and Joanna Gaines famous. In the series, they take people’s old houses and completely transform it with the help of Joanna’s vision, and Chip’s construction experience. After announcing that they were stepping away from filming the series in 2018, fans were sad to see them go. However, after taking a break to work on other things like their product line, magazine, and Silo project, Chip and Joanna both realized that they missed Fixer Upper. Since they’re starring a TV network, it only made sense to bring the show back on the new channel. When the show was on HGTV, they became the #1 unscripted reality series with 75 million viewers. So with just this show alone, they’re basically guaranteeing the network’s success.

People who love growing flowers in their garden will enjoy watching Growing Floret. Credit: Floret

24. The New TV Series “Growing Floret” is About The Ins and Outs of Running a Cut Flower Farm

Growing Floret stars Erin and Chris Benzakian, a married couple who left Seattle to start a flower farm in the Skagit River Valley in Washington State. Instead of selling the flowers they grow, The Benzakians actually focus on producing flower seeds to sell on their website. This is great news for fans, because anything you see on their blog would be available to purchase and grow in your own garden, no matter where you live. Even before the TV series has premiered, Erin Benzakian has become one of the most well-known flower growers in the country, with her blog and books A Year in Flowers and Cut Flower Garden. She is taking her small 2-acre farm onto a 20 acre property, and the Magnolia Network is there every step of the way. Considering how popular gardening has become in 2020, this one is sure to be a success.

Chip Gaines trained to run the 2019 Silo District Half Marathon. Credit: Runner’s World

23. We’ll Get to See Chip Train To Run a Marathon

On Fixer Upper, we’re used to seeing Chip Gaines smashing down walls and doing a ton of construction work. Few of us knew that he’s a runner, too! In the clip of the Magnolia Network preview, we see a very brief mention of Chip training for the half marathon. At this time, there hasn’t been any announcement that this is going to be an entire series, but it very well might be a documentary film. Runner’s World wrote an article on the Silo District Half Marathon, explaining that the proceeds from the race went to the Brave Like Gabe foundation, which supports cancer research. We don’t know much about this project yet, but we hope that we see something on the Magnolia Network soon.

We can’t wait to see what Jo is cooking in the kitchen. Credit: Joanna Gaines

22. Joanna is Going to Have Her Own Cooking Show

If you’re a fan of Joanna Gaines, you already know that she’s come out with two cookbooks called Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering and Magnolia Table 2. In both books, she goes over the stories behind recipes that have been passed down among friends and family. After the release of the second book, Joanna decided to start making cooking videos at home on her YouTube channel. On her Twitter account, Joanna shared this photo of her filming a new cooking show. We’re so excited, because if the YouTube videos are any indication, it’s going to be amazing.

Super Dad is a show all about making kid’s dreams come true. Credit: Magnolia on YouTube

21. Ready to Make Your Father Jealous of Someone Else’s DIY Skills With “Super Dad”

Most fathers like to do a bit of DIY, but comedian Taylor Calmus takes it to the extreme. In “Super Dad”, the mission is to help dads create their kids’ dreams come true, no matter how outrageous it may seem. We’re most likely going to see some over-the-top treehouse and swing sets in backyards across America. This one looks like a truly great show that you can watch together with your kids. In the trailer, Taylor Calmus says, “Any dad can go out and just buy something. But to put in the time and effort to actually make something…That’s a Super Dad.”

Inn The Works shows the process of renovating a campground in California. Credit: Magnolia on YouTube

20. Inn The Works Gives Us a Look Into the Life of a Campground Owner

Inn The Works surrounds the life of a former bartender named Lyndsay Kurowski who put all of her life savings into buying the Oak Knoll Lodge in Big Bear, California. The 4-acre campground was originally built in the 1920’s, and it needs a ton of work. In the trailer, we see the full team of people that Lyndsay has assembled to work on the cabins, and the hijinks that ensue. There aren’t really any other shows out there about all of the work that goes into renovating a campground, so this is surely going to be unique and interesting to watch.

Erin French left the big city to create a restaurant in Maine. Credit: Yankee Kitchen

19. The Lost Kitchen Sounds Like the Plot of a Hallmark Movie, Only in Real Life

Born in Freedom, Maine, Erin French wanted to escape her small town and move to the big city. But once she returned, she realized just how quaint and beautiful her birthplace actually was. Now, she has built a booming restaurant business that was so busy, they would book out reservations weeks ahead of time. People came from all over the country to experience her farm-to-table restaurant that was set inside of a 19th Century mill. In August of 2020, Erin French had an interview with Chip and Joanna Gaines for an update of what was happening to her restaurant during lockdown. She has completely shifted the focus of the business in order to stay afloat, but the cameras kept going. This really speaks to the heart of what so many small businesses are going through right now, and I can’t wait to watch.

Check out the aesthetic of the British design team’s work in DeVol Kitchens. Credit: deVol Kitchens

18. “DeVol Kitchen” Takes a Team from the UK and Brings Them Across the Pond

Take one look at the DeVol Kitchen Instagram, and you’ll fall in love with the stunning examples of what these designers can do. Founder Paul O’Leary and creative director Helen Parker have a team of skilled craftspeople who work with them to make these beautiful kitchens in the English countryside. Their furniture manufacturing business is set in a 16th Century water mill, and it’s beyond stunning.

Clint Harp brings us on the journey of his work in Restoration Road. Credit: Magnolia Network

17. Restoration Road Showcases Clint Harp’s Career As a Master Carpenter

Fans of Fixer Upper probably recognize Clint Harp, who frequently makes customized wood pieces in homes designed by Joanna Gaines. The Magnolia Network is giving Clint an entire show of his home called Restoration Road. In the trailer, we see that he gets to travel all over the United States to take part in historic restorations. With so many travel restrictions in place, we’re not sure how many episodes we’ll get to see of Restoration Road. But by the looks of the trailer, they already had a few episodes complete well before March of 2020.

Eduardo Garcia’s accident lead him on a path that completely changed his life. Credit: The Montana Standard

16. Eduardo Garcia Shows Life As an Amputee Chef

At 30 years old, Eduardo Garcia was feeling on top of the world. He was a popular yacht chef, and passionate about making food. Everything changed when he was in a hunting accident. His left arm needed to be amputated, and he was forced to learn how to do the most basic things with only one hand. Eduardo already starred in a documentary called Charged: The Eduardo Garcia Story, so he isn’t new to being behind the camera. We know that he’ll appear in a series on The Magnolia Network, because he was interviewed on their YouTube channel. However, they haven’t explained exactly what the show is called, or what it’s going to be about. No matter what it is, we’re excited to see Eduardo in action.

Musicians Johnnyswim need to create home from anywhere in the country. Credit: Johnnyswim

15. Home on the Road Shows What It’s Like For Johnnyswim to Be a Traveling Music Family

Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano Ramirez are a married duo who make up the band JOHNNYSWIM. They’re balancing raising a family and continuing their music career on the road several months at a time. Abner and Amanda live on a bus with 15 people in their crew, making their definition of family different from your average person. Obviously, in 2020, the live music industry has changed completely. So it’s going to be interesting to see what happens to JOHNNYSWIM when they’re no longer able to travel.

Brian Patrick Flynn is going to have his own show on The Magnolia Network. Credit: The Style Blueprint

14. Interior Designer Brian Patrick Flynn Will Show Us His Style

If you haven’t heard of Bryan Patrick Flynn yet, you’re in for a treat. He’s a self-taught interior designer who has a really unique sense of style. Check out his Instagram, and you’ll see that he has a warm personality and a great sense of humor. He has already appeared on HGTV, and has a huge following online. On the Magnolina Network YouTube channel, Chip and Joanna interviewed Bryan about having a show with them, but we don’t know the name of it. No matter what Bryan does, it’s sure to be a treat.

Follow the progress of physical recovery on The Fieldhouse. Credit: The Magnolia Network

13. The Fieldhouse

If you love sports, The Magnolia Network has you covered. The Fieldhouse surrounds the life of a man named Justin Bane, who owns a gym in Abilene, Texas. He is a physical therapist and personal trainer who helps to rehabilitate clients and make their lives better. Unfortunately, with everything going on in 2020, a lot of gyms were forced to close. Rehab and physical therapy has opened back up for medical purposes. So we’ll see how much of The Fieldhouse gets to make it on the air in his original format.

Candis and Andy are a married couple who decided to buy a schoolhouse. Credit: AndyandCandis on Instagram

12. Home Work Follows a Couple Who Renovated a Tiny Schoolhouse into Their Dream Home

If you’re into massive renovation projects, Home Work is for you. Married couple Candis and Andy Meredith have purchased a 20,000 square foot schoolhouse in rural Utah and they plan to make it into their new home. The Merediths have a blended family of 7 kids, so they need all the space they can get! This sounds incredibly exciting to watch, and I personally can’t wait. If you want to know more about their progress, check out Andy and Candis on Instagram.

Get an inside look of how other people celebrate family dinner. Credit: The Magnolia Network

11. Andrew Zimmern Visits Homes From Many Cultures in “Family Dinner”

Everyone has a family tradition, especially when it comes to food. Andrew Zimmern is the host of “Family Dinner”, a new show that highlights families across America. In the trailer, we already see different traditions from several different cultures. It looks like they already filmed quite a few episodes, which is a very good thing. With social distancing restrictions in place, it’s not likely that we’ll get many families inviting Andrew over for dinner. But only time will tell.

Entrepreneur Jonathan Morris has a great personality, and bring it to his interviews on Self Made. Credit: Magnolia

10. Jonathan Morris Interviews Entrepreneurs on Their Small Business Journeys on “Self Made”

In the series “Self Made”, we meet an entrepreneur named Jonathan Morris. He runs a barber shop in Fort Worth, TX, where he has built this sense of community for locals to come together. He interviews other small business owners on their own journeys, and learn how they became successful at creating their dream job. After the events of 2020, a lot of small businesses have been suffering from the downturn in our economy. So it will be interesting to see just how much we get an inside look into how this is affecting small business.

We get to see the perspective of many different interior designers. Credit: The Magnolia Network

9. A Point of View: Designed Profiles

On Fixer Upper, we see the design process from the perspective of Joanna Gaines. However, there are so many designers out there with a completely different aesthetic. They’re all beautiful in their own way, and the Magnolia Network will feature them. This is exciting, because we can see new perspectives on how to make a home beautiful.

There is a rule in the Gaines household that you can’t have a TV. Credit: Shutterstock

8. Chip and Joanna Still Don’t Own a TV, Despite Building a Television Network

Some people might find it surprising to learn that Chip and Joanna Gaines don’t own a television. In several interviews, and in her book called The Magnolia Story, Joanna Gaines tells us that they don’t keep a TV in their house. They do this, because they believe that being at home should be all about spending time with your family. However, they’re obviously not against watching TV, since they are running a television network. For them, watching and producing TV is part of work, so they want to stop that once they go home to relax. They enjoy going to friend’s houses to watch a football game, and they assume that their kids will play video games or watch movies when they hang out with friends. This is enough screen time for them, because the rest of their time should be used for enjoying reality.

Ever dream of owning a Fixer Upper? Credit: Shutterstock

7. You Can Apply to Have Your House Made Over on Fixer Upper

Have you ever dreamed Joanna Gaines rehabbing your house on Fixer Upper? Well, you’re in luck, because they are currently taking applications for new projects. The only catch is that you have to live within 30 miles of Waco, Texas. Participants also need to put up a minimum of a $50,000 budget. Unlike the homes we saw in previous seasons, Chip and Joanna are no longer acting as real estate agents to help people find their dream home. Participants need to already be living in the house, or be in the closing process. If you’d like to learn more, check out their website for the frequently asked questions. On the website, they say that construction will begin in the fall of 2020, so it’s going to be a while before we see the new season premiere.

The Magnolia Silos are under construction. Credit: Shutterstock

6. We’re Hoping to See More Footage of The Magnolia Silos Project

On the Magnolia YouTube channel, Joanna Gaines filmed behind-the-scenes footage of what’s going on at The Silos in Waco, Texas. They’ve taken this time during lockdown to totally transform what the space looks like. It’s going to look like a small town square, with the little houses being stores filled with Magnolia home goods. And at the end of the street, they’ve transported the vintage church that they purchased from the city of Waco. It looks so beautiful, and we really hope that they elaborate more about all of the work that went into transforming the space on the Magnolia Network.

Check your cable package to see if you’ll be able to watch Magnolia. Credit: Shutterstock

5. Which Channel Can You Watch The Magnolia Network On?

Are you excited to watch the Magnolia Network? Obviously, it’s going to be a brand new channel. But it’s actually taking over the existing DIY Network. If you already have DIY as part of your cable package, you don’t have to do anything to watch it once the shows premiere. However, if you’re a cord-cutter like me, that might be a problem. They seem to be doing a good job of keeping the shows off of the Internet. So if you’re really serious about watching, consider purchasing a subscription to cable. They seem to be open to the idea of streaming episodes, or you may have to purchase them individually from places like Amazon Prime Video. For more information on your options for watching, check out their channel finder section of the website.

4. Watch a Preview of the Network With “A Look Back and A Look Ahead”

Leading up to the launch of Magnolia Network, it became pretty clear that there was going to be a delay. This is why they launched a 4-hour long special called “A Look Back and A Look Ahead” on the DIY Network in April of 2020. They did another encore presentation in May, but they’ve done a good job of keeping it off of the internet. Personally, I can’t find this online anywhere. Obviously, they want to incentivize people to sign up for the channel through their cable package.

Interviews with cast members are socially distanced, and available on YouTube. Credit: Magnolia Network on YouTube

3. Watch Behind-The-Scenes Interviews With the Cast of Upcoming Shows on Their YouTube Channel

Since the stars of the new Magnolia series can’t meet up with Chip and Joanna for face-to-face interviews, they began doing Zoom calls. These are all uploaded on the Magnolia Network YouTube Channel. Each of these videos are only 5 to 10 minutes long, but they still give you a much better idea of what the upcoming shows are going to be like. They also let you see the personalities of the people involved, and it gets me excited to watch the new series when they finally premiere.

Chip and Joanna share a lot of their secrets on Twitter. Credit: Shutterstock

2. Catch Photos and Videos of Sneak Peeks On Twitter

If you’re interested in getting the latest news on the Magnolia Network, I’d recommend following their twitter account. They tend to update the account frequently with new information long before there are any press releases or videos put on their YouTube channel. Chip and Joanna’s personal accounts are also filled with little photos and videos of behind-the-scenes projects, too.

Get ready to see the premiere of The Magnolia Network. Credit: Shutterstock

1. The Magnolia Network Will Premiere On…

The original release date for the network would have been on October 4, 2020. However, social distancing measures and lockdowns totally put a wrench in the gears of filming. The new release date is sometime in 2021, but they haven’t said exactly when we can expect it. As we mentioned in previous bullet points, the story lines of many of these series depended on collaborating with a lot of people. The film crews would have had to take a long break, and take precautions before they could move forward. It seems like they’re doing the best they can under the circumstances. So while the stories may be completely different than what they started out as, we get to see how Magnolia is resilient through the crisis. Check back here on Home Addict to see the new release date.