What to Expect on Joanna Gaines’ New Magnolia Network

Shannon Quinn - October 26, 2020
Chip and Joanna share a lot of their secrets on Twitter. Credit: Shutterstock

2. Catch Photos and Videos of Sneak Peeks On Twitter

If you’re interested in getting the latest news on the Magnolia Network, I’d recommend following their twitter account. They tend to update the account frequently with new information long before there are any press releases or videos put on their YouTube channel. Chip and Joanna’s personal accounts are also filled with little photos and videos of behind-the-scenes projects, too.

Get ready to see the premiere of The Magnolia Network. Credit: Shutterstock

1. The Magnolia Network Will Premiere On…

The original release date for the network would have been on October 4, 2020. However, social distancing measures and lockdowns totally put a wrench in the gears of filming. The new release date is sometime in 2021, but they haven’t said exactly when we can expect it. As we mentioned in previous bullet points, the story lines of many of these series depended on collaborating with a lot of people. The film crews would have had to take a long break, and take precautions before they could move forward. It seems like they’re doing the best they can under the circumstances. So while the stories may be completely different than what they started out as, we get to see how Magnolia is resilient through the crisis. Check back here on Home Addict to see the new release date.