Why Love is Blind Japan is Better Than The US Version

Shannon Quinn - March 10, 2022
Yudai was a very popular contestant in Love is Blind Japan. Credit: Netflix

3. The Youngest Guy is One of the Most Mature

The youngest contestant, Yudai, is just 23 years old. But he gets straight to the point when it comes to serious topics in marriage that might tear some couples apart. For example, he asked about finances and sharing bills. He’s popular with a number of women who are in their 30’s, and it’s easy to see why.

Midori gives her business presentation to win the heart of Wataru. Credit: Netflix

2. The Business Presentation

This next part is a bit of a spoiler. But one of the best female proposals was done by Midori, who came up with an entire business presentation to convince Wataru that they belong together. You can tell that if she could have made a powerpoint presentation, she would have. Since they both come from a business background, it makes sense that it sparked something in Wataru that made him realize it was time to propose to Midori.

Rivals in love, but they still remain friends at the end of the day. Credit: Netflix

1. They’re More Respectful of One Another

Overall, the Japanese version of Love is Blind is far more respectful than the American version. This is totally a part of Japanese culture. For example, people are using honorifics such as “san” to the people they’re talking to, even though they have known one another for a while. Even if that goes over your head as an American, it’s clear to see that everyone respects one another, and isn’t there to create drama. There is one particular moment when Midori and Priya hug one another, even though they’re both going after the same man! That’s true respect right there.