Outrageously Expensive Luxury Playhouses

Shannon Quinn - January 20, 2020
The Tinkerbell treehouse looks like something out a fairytale. Credit: Etsy

8. The Tinkerbell Treehouse

In the story of Peter Pan, it describes Tinkerbell’s house to be made out of branches and other natural foliage found in the forest. This was the inspiration behind the design of the Tinkerbell Treehouse by Tiny Town Studios. The center of the house is supported by a concrete tree, and the little shack has its own porch and walkway surrounding the cottage. There is even a working water wheel and pond design to add to the magical ambiance of the Tinkerbell house.

The inside of the Tinkerbell house is complete with a mushroom table and stools. Credit: Etsy

On their Etsy listing, it says that this treehouse costs $40,000, and that doesn’t include the additional expense of installation and shipping. In a lot of states, you can buy an entire trailer home for that amount of money. But for a wealthy parent who wants to give their child a magical experience, it is worth every penny.

Credit: Architectural Digest on YouTube

7. The Hudson River Playhouse

This impressive playhouse is in the backyard of a mansion sitting along the Hudson River in New York. The property has the main mansion, a guest house, as well as a playhouse that has been constructed to look like a Greek Temple. Inside of the playhouse, you can see that it has been changed to suit the needs of the kids who have grown up. Instead of toys, there is a ping pong table, as well as a piano standing in the opposite corner of the room. Above the library shelves of books, there is a second story loft space.

The playhouse has a large open space for parties and playing ping pong. Credit: Architectural Digest on YouTube

Since the property was so large, the playhouse has its own bathroom, in case anyone has to go. There is also a small kitchen, which is perfect for having drinks and snacks with your friends. The great thing about this playhouse design is the fact that the owners had longevity in mind. Instead of creating a playhouse that was only useful when their kids were young, this Greek Temple transitioned extremely well to being a perfect party spot for teenagers and young adults. Architectural Digest has an amazing walkthrough video on YouTube if you are curious to see the entire property. They never mention how expensive it was to build this playhouse, but it is part of why the property is worth a whopping $9.5 million. 

This castle fortress is a kid’s dream come true. Credit: Etsy

6. The Castle Fortress

If your kid dreams of becoming a knight of the round table, or if they snuck in some not-so-age-appropriate episodes of Game of Thrones, this next Castle Fortress playhouse is the perfect fit for their epic fantasies. One of the towers actually has 3 stories, which is a show-stopper whenever your kid’s friends come to visit. This design includes cannon fire towers, a bridge to talk to the second tower, as well as a slide, and rock wall.

This castle could be a source of endless fun for kids. Credit: Etsy

Designed by Tiny Town Studios, and their Etsy shop has this listed for $37,500. The price could go up or down, depending on the features you wanted to have on the castle fortress. Since this is so expensive, they suggest that it might be good as a playground for business owners and parks. However, if you can afford it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have one for your kids.

The Victorian mansion playhouse kit. Credit: Amazon

5. The Victorian Mansion

Many of the playhouses we have mentioned on this list were designed and built by a team that comes to your home to create a custom structure. But what about people who enjoy a bit of DIY? This next playhouse is actually designed by the Little Cottage Company, and it’s available to purchase online as a kit for $8,086.

The inside has a ladder leading to the second story. Credit: Amazon

The front of the house looks like a Victorian mansion with plenty of windows for natural light, as well as adorable window boxes where you can plant flowers. The back has a large barn door to help bring furniture and large toys in and out of the house. Inside of the house, everything will be bare wood, so if you decide to add drywall, carpeting, or furniture, those are all things that need to be purchased separately. Since you can purchase it through Amazon, they have a built-in feature that allows you to apply for financing. 

Kids will have an amazing experience playing with this play house. Credit: Etsy

4. The Pirate Rapunzel Tree House

The “Pirate Rapunzel” tree house by Tiny Town Studios combines the whimsical touches of a castle with the adventure of the deep blue seas. The designers make sure they they customize these playhouses to suit what their clients want, so it is possible to get a custom-built playhouse made to order. This playhouse has a slide, a rope ladder, rock wall, swing set, as well as Rapunzel’s golden hair falling out of the tower.

This treehouse tower play set was built to fit into the hilly terrain of this property. Credit: Etsy

On Etsy, this Pirate Rapunzel tree house is listed on Etsy at $44,000. While this might sound outrageously expensive, you need to keep in mind that this company is willing to travel to any part of the United States to make this tree house. They will have to hire professionals to use forklifts and cranes, as well as potentially leveling the terrain of your land in order to make this tree house a reality.

The Lady Unicorn Bed is a playhouse and bunk bed in one. Credit: Etsy

3. The Lady Unicorn Bed

Earlier on this list, we mentioned how some parents prefer to have an indoor playhouse, because it’s easier to insulate and keep clean. A good option that you might consider is transforming a child’s bedroom into a playhouse and a bunk bed in one. This Lady Unicorn Bed is shaped like a fairytale castle. On one end, there is a winding staircase that leads to the top bunk, but it also allows kids to wake up in the morning and go down a slide. And, of course, kids could have a blast inviting their friends over to use the slide as often as they wanted.

Credit: Etsy

This bed is listed on Etsy for $6,524. The beds are made-to-order, so you could choose the colors that you prefer, as well as the additional trimmings like the Unicorn head or crown molding. They are also able to make custom name plates that will say anything you like, so it could have the name of your daughter attached to the castle, so that she knows it’s a home of her own. This company called The Luxury Interiors Store is located in The United Kingdom, so shipping costs could drastically increase the cost, depending on where you live.

This hillbilly mansion is purposely crooked, to give it a whimsical mountain vibe. Credit: Etsy

2. The Hillbilly Hampton House

The Hillybilly Hampton House is a 2-story playhouse with a garage attachment designed by Tiny Town Studios. This house has a rustic look that is purposely crooked, to give it a whimsical Hillbilly vibe. Not only do you get an entire house, but there is also a 12×12 foot front deck. The interior has a second-story loft with a ladder, as well as a balcony. On the side of the house, you can choose between installing a slide or a zip line. Swings are made of sturdy timber beams, which would last a long time. Tiny Town Studios has thought of everything, because they made sure the garage and front double doors are large enough to fit toy furniture that you need to move in.

The side of the cabin has access for either swings or a zipline. Credit: Etsy

This Hillbilly mansion is listed on Etsy for $14,000, which is significantly cheaper than some of the other homes they sell. However, this does not cover the cost of shipping. They charge $2.40 per mile for most American destinations locations, and you would have to call to get an exact estimate. Since they are located in Houston, Texas, it could easily mean tacking on an additional few thousand dollars just to get this delivered to your backyard.

This bunk bed is shaped like a medieval castle. Credit: Etsy

1. The Interior Castle Playhouse

Earlier on this list, we already showed the unicorn princess castle bed. This medieval style castle fortress bed is a bit more masculine, meant to fit into a boy’s bedroom. In one tower, there is a staircase that leads up to the top bunk, and the second tower serves a closet. The designers, Luxury Interior Store, is willing to paint the castle any color that you like, as well as add extra features and custom nameplates.

This 3D rendering gives customers an idea of how their son’s bedroom could look. Credit: Etsy

The photos that were provided are 3D renderings, so this is a design that has yet to be built. On the Etsy listing, it costs $6,524. While this design is amazingly cute, the one and only issue is that boys are likely to outgrow this pretty quickly once they enter middle school. Even the designers suggest using this for a themed hotel room or AirBnB listing, rather than a bedroom.