This playhouse has a balcony porch for Stormi to get a view of the yard. Credit: Kylie Jenner on YouTube

19. Kylie Jenner’s Playhouse for Stormi

In case you didn’t know, Kylie Jenner is the younger sister of Kim Kardashian, and she has paved the way for her own career by founding Kylie Cosmetics. Recently, Kylie became the youngest female billionaire in the world. Aside from her career in cosmetics, she also has her own YouTube channel. In her Christmas vlogs, she said that she wants Stormi to have many of the same childhood memories that she had. Her mother, Kris, was crying tears of joy when she surprised her daughter and granddaughter with a black and white playhouse in the backyard. They don’t mention how much the house cost to build, or what Kris paid to get it back, but we can only imagine that it wasn’t cheap.

Stormi was given all of Kylie’s hand-me-down doll furniture. Credit: Kylie Jenner YouTube

The front door comes with a working doorbell. Inside of the playhouse, there is a ladder that leads to an upstairs loft. The main living area is very spacious, complete with a fake fireplace and picnic table. Little Stormi can stand on an upstairs balcony to see her mother’s house and backyard. In order to complete the childhood nostalgia, Kris went as far as to go back to the new owner of her former home to buy the old doll furniture from Kylie’s childhood playhouse. All of Kylie’s childhood furniture was restored so that Stormi could use her mom’s hand-me-downs.