Outrageously Expensive Luxury Playhouses

Shannon Quinn - January 20, 2020
This hillbilly mansion is purposely crooked, to give it a whimsical mountain vibe. Credit: Etsy

2. The Hillbilly Hampton House

The Hillybilly Hampton House is a 2-story playhouse with a garage attachment designed by Tiny Town Studios. This house has a rustic look that is purposely crooked, to give it a whimsical Hillbilly vibe. Not only do you get an entire house, but there is also a 12×12 foot front deck. The interior has a second-story loft with a ladder, as well as a balcony. On the side of the house, you can choose between installing a slide or a zip line. Swings are made of sturdy timber beams, which would last a long time. Tiny Town Studios has thought of everything, because they made sure the garage and front double doors are large enough to fit toy furniture that you need to move in.

The side of the cabin has access for either swings or a zipline. Credit: Etsy

This Hillbilly mansion is listed on Etsy for $14,000, which is significantly cheaper than some of the other homes they sell. However, this does not cover the cost of shipping. They charge $2.40 per mile for most American destinations locations, and you would have to call to get an exact estimate. Since they are located in Houston, Texas, it could easily mean tacking on an additional few thousand dollars just to get this delivered to your backyard.

This bunk bed is shaped like a medieval castle. Credit: Etsy

1. The Interior Castle Playhouse

Earlier on this list, we already showed the unicorn princess castle bed. This medieval style castle fortress bed is a bit more masculine, meant to fit into a boy’s bedroom. In one tower, there is a staircase that leads up to the top bunk, and the second tower serves a closet. The designers, Luxury Interior Store, is willing to paint the castle any color that you like, as well as add extra features and custom nameplates.

This 3D rendering gives customers an idea of how their son’s bedroom could look. Credit: Etsy

The photos that were provided are 3D renderings, so this is a design that has yet to be built. On the Etsy listing, it costs $6,524. While this design is amazingly cute, the one and only issue is that boys are likely to outgrow this pretty quickly once they enter middle school. Even the designers suggest using this for a themed hotel room or AirBnB listing, rather than a bedroom.