40 Fun Winter Activities For Kids

By Shannon Quinn
40 Fun Winter Activities For Kids

This year, we’re all going to experience a winter where our options for entertaining our kids are seriously limited. We can no longer go to the movies, mall, ice skating rink, school, or even grandparent’s houses for a visit. Your family may have also canceled tropical vacations or other trips that were going to be fun during winter break. It sucks, and this situation is new for everyone. Some of us might struggle to figure out what to let our kids do for fun. But it doesn’t have to be a struggle! Instead of becoming perpetual couch potatoes in front of the TV and video games, check out these ideas on how your entire family can have fun doing activities all winter long. Once you get in a creative state of mind, there are actually so many ideas of fun things to do together with your kids.

Cardboard boxes are perfect for your kids to play pretend. Credit: Shutterstock

40. Make Cardboard Houses Out of Amazon Boxes

Since most of us are doing our holiday shopping online, we’re going to be getting a lot of cardboard boxes in the mail. Instead of throwing them away in the recycling bin straight away, consider reusing them with some tape and letting your kids create a house out of cardboard boxes. 

Most young children completely adore making their own cardboard houses. And if you have a cleared out garage or playroom, you might end up with an entire village! These kinds of games will encourage your kids to use their imagination. It also keeps them away from screens for a while. Encourage them to bring their books, a flashlight, and maybe a little lamp inside. If you have pets, they’ll probably love playing in there, too.