Clever Ways to Freshen Up a Home For $10 or Less

By Shannon Quinn
Clever Ways to Freshen Up a Home For $10 or Less

Nowadays, everyone is spending more time at home than ever before. And for most of us, we’re on a tight budget. Even if you managed to keep your job in 2020, this is not the right time for a lot of people to do an expensive renovation.  However, giving your home a fresh upgrade can be incredibly affordable. Making small changes around the house will eventually add up over time, and this can certainly uplift your mood. If you live with family or friends, this will also benefit everyone around you. Starting the process of clearing your space is likely to inspire others. (Especially if you post about it on Instagram!) And once you start making improvements around your house, the people you live with are likely to do the same. Here are some of our best tips for freshening your home for under $10.

Cleaning an air conditioner is possible with some soap and a hose. Credit: Shutterstock

50. Clean Your Air Conditioner So You Can Breathe Easier

If you use a window box air conditioner, or have a unit in your ceiling, you need to clean those out every year. There is a filter at the front of the air conditioner that fills up with dust every few weeks. But when you get ready to put your box in for the summer, it’s necessary to take the machine apart and completely clean it out. Once you open it, you’ll be shocked to see how much dust, dirt, and potentially mold has accumulated inside. If you don’t clean this out, you’re going to be spreading this into your home every time you turn on the machine. Some businesses offer a professional cleaning service, but you can do this at home with some liquid dish soap, a garden hose, and paper towels. Find a YouTube tutorial on how to clean your exact machine before you get started.