Hilarious Photos Of The Most Cringe-Worthy DIY Creations

Shannon Quinn - February 22, 2023
Credit: Reddit

Life-Sized Cat Men

We saved the absolute best (or worst) for last. It really speaks for itself. This life sized cat man is like something out of the creepy movie version of Cats (2019) that everyone hated. This came from a post on Facebook. The text reads, “After all these years, they’re finally finished! Three life size cat-men, made from discarded cat hair, semi precious gemstones, and melted crayons. They are currently displayed in the furthest edge of my backyard, near the woods. If you would like to schedule a time to come see them in person, please DM me. (The best time to see them is just as the sun is setting.)” How many people took her up on her offer? And how well are these statues going to fare under the elements of nature?