This Student Cleaned Unlivable Homes & The Results Were Heartwarming

Sai Leigh - December 8, 2022

Finding Balance With Your Other Half

Half of couples living together fight about cleaning. Who is going to do it, when it’s going to get done, and who does what. Check out this article from NPR on how to fairly split up household chores. Quick tips include sitting down to write out a list of necessary chores, outlining the essentials, and noting expectations for when the chore(s) should be completed. Obviously, stress related to cleaning can (and does) negatively affect couples as well as individuals.


A Moment for Reflection

Chances are (and we hope) you’re now thinking about your own mental health situation in relation to how often you clean, or how your surroundings affect your mood. If you’re interested in finding a cleaning service near you, use this cleaning cost calculator to find the average cost of cleaners in your area. If you decide to go this route instead of cleaning your house yourself, make sure you have a transparent conversation about what each service includes.


Take Small Steps

Looking for easy ways to get started toward healing? It’s all about the small steps, not the big ones. Take a look around you at what can be done right now. Making your bed, for example, might seem useless or not like a big deal at all—but change doesn’t have to be big. Commit yourself to cleaning and/or organizing one small area (like a drawer, or closet) a day or week, and soon you’ll be creating the healthy habit of regular cleaning. One more item Brogan consistently recommends is a chore chart to keep everyone in the house on track.


Ways You Can Help

Looking for ways to support those struggling with mental health? Check out this site to find out what you can offer, both emotionally and practically. It may be as simple as listening or as involved as attending appointments with professionals. Whatever path you choose to take, you can make a difference in the lives of others and help them begin to heal. Make sure to stay compassionate, non-judgmental and take a page from Brogan’s book!