True Stories of Runaway Brides Who Were Not Ready to Get Married

Shannon Quinn - August 24, 2021
This man had cold feet on his wedding day, and his friends encouraged him to run. Credit: Shutterstock

7. He Could Have Prevented a Future Divorce

This next story came from a Reddit user called Plow_King, who encouraged his friend to be a runaway groom. “I was almost a willing accomplice to a runaway groom. My brother was getting ready to marry a gal he had dated and broken up with several times. So anyway, they get engaged and the wedding day comes around. I’m in the wedding party. He and I are standing in the ante-room of the church wearing tuxedos. He’s getting cold feet, saying he doesn’t know if he can go through with it. I tell him to call it off then. 

“He says he can’t, everyone is here, the reception and honeymoon are planned. I tell him I’ll walk out there and announce the wedding is off, you can slip out the back. It’ll cost you a lot less money and pain now instead of an hour from now. No, he has to go through with. I thought it would be kind of interesting and cool to call off someone’s wedding. But he went through with it. Fast forward 10 or so years to a bitter, expensive divorce. But he does have two good kids and seems happier.

This woman was too young to get married. Credit: Shutterstock

6. Escaping a Predator

This story comes from a Redditor called 1birdofprey1. “I was 16 years old and working at Chess King in the mall when a man who was 26 came in and was extremely enamored with me. Loved the attention, and soon thought I was in love. He asked me to marry him 2 weeks later and even asked my parents permission. They said yes (I still am upset with them for that). Summer was coming shortly after and he wanted me to move in with him. I was living in New York at the time and he was living in Maryland. So I got in his white pick up truck and drove with him to Maryland for the summer. When I got there it was a tiny little apartment in a bad neighborhood. He had leased the apartment by phone.

“After 5 days I was in the apartment while he was at work and I opened the silverware drawer. A big cockroach crawled across the utensils. I just said out loud ‘F- THIS’ and packed my suitcase, sitting on the couch till he got home from work. The second I saw him I said ‘Take me home’. Somehow he agreed to drive me back to New York and we left that night. The whole way home he talked about how we’ll still be together. I stayed silent. When we pulled in the driveway I took off the ring and set it on the console. Booked it into the house and locked the door. Never saw him again. For years I was embarrassed to tell that story but now I realize I was a child and it’s him and my parents that should be embarrassed.”

This bride ran away twice during the same wedding. Credit: Shutterstock

5. The Bride Ran Away From Her Groom in a Tropical Paradise

“Not me, but someone I know had to twice waste money on flights to some exotic location because the bride ran out on the groom. The first time she ran away right before the rehearsal period started. The second time was at the altar. You would think the guy would’ve gotten the message the first time around, but apparently it was a situation where a rich but not good looking guy had managed to snag a super model and in his fear of losing her, he tried to force her into a commitment.

“He did this by being emotionally manipulative, not through coercion. And he made her feel guilty, so she was convinced twice to almost go through with it. From the pictures my friend showed me of the couple, I can honestly say that the groom was reaching like no other man had reached before. And I can sorta understand why he didn’t want to lose her, but I can’t condone manipulating someone into pretending to love you, nor him deluding himself into thinking it could work out after the failed wedding the first time around. You’re just setting yourself up for disappointment by that point.”

This mom rolled out of her wedding a day before the ceremony. Credit: Shutterstock

4. Mom Bails at the Last Minute

A Redditor called ActStunt tells the story of how his mother way the runaway bride. “Not me but my mom. My father left us when I was a one year old, so she was single most of her life. Until 10 years later, she found a great guy that we all loved and wished him in the family. He and my mom dated for 6 years and then he proposed to her. She said yes. I remember them planning their wedding. She even got a nice wedding dress. But ONE DAY before the wedding she called him and told him that she couldn’t marry him.

“He is a great guy, still in contact with him. But he is one of those guys that doesn’t have a passion nor has a goal in life. And to be honest he is in a very bad position right now. So for as much love my mom had for him I think she saw a bleak future at his side and decided to remain friends. A little bi**hy on my mom’s part to say it till the last day but we’re humans after all I guess.”

A lesbian couple called off their wedding due to cheating. Credit: Shutterstock

3. Cheaters Never Win

This story from Reddit was shared by tsim12345. “Not me but my best friend was a runaway bride because she backed out of the wedding 2 days before. Her fiancé, who is a girl- wasn’t home. She (my friend) had logged onto her girlfriend’s computer for something and she found her social media opened up or maybe the login information was saved. But you know that when you are logged in on a laptop to FB messenger and a person is also using Facebook messenger at that same time you can just sit there and watch a conversation take place live. She was watching her girlfriend sexting some other girl who worked at the vet that they had been taking their sickly dog to for his skin conditions.

“After the wedding had been called off her ex-fiancé and that girl from the vet got married. And then divorced super fast because they got in a fight and the vet girl bit a chunk of her girlfriend’s SCALP out. Like biting the skin right off her head. And then for no reason whatsoever according to witnesses the sliding glass door the vet girl was standing in front of (never actually touched it) just fell down on top of her head and knocked her unconscious. My friend is in an amazing relationship with a man now and she gets a real kick out of how karma really took care of that situation.”

This man refused to sign his marriage certificate after the wedding ceremony. Credit: Shutterstock

2. The Attempted Escape (Part 1)

This next story is a wild ride from TheMatGreen. “I’m the groom. I left after the last second. My ex was mentally unstable. When I started dating her she was on multiple psych meds. We moved in together and she stopped taking them cold turkey and basically made my life hell. Constantly physically and mentally abusive. She would go out without telling me, refuse to answer her phone, and then come back and scream at me for watching a movie because it had a pretty actress in it and that actress was a slut. My ex refused to let me leave the house except to go to work, but she would show up randomly and demand to see me to make sure I wasn’t cheating. She was unemployed and I had a pretty good office job. Luckily my manager took pity on me.

“Why did I stay? I was not mentally in a great place. Anyway, I finally agreed to marry her. We planned the wedding and the reception. We had the ceremony and everything and everyone believed we were married. However I had a moment of clarity. I refused to sign the marriage certificate to make it official until she went to counseling and got back on her meds. She refused so I put the certificate away. As far as I knew that was it.”

This poor guy needed to get a divorce from a women he thought he didn’t marry. Credit: Shutterstock

1. The Attempted Escape (Part 2)

“Eventually I started going to counseling behind her back. I got my act together and started moving my money into my own account that she didn’t know about. She kept cheating, I kept up counseling and moving my assets and then just up and disappeared on her. And finally the finale… 4 years later, I had a new girl, I was getting ready to propose. I had the ring and got an email from the ex. She told me we were actually married and she wanted a divorce because she met a new guy and wanted to get married. What. The. Fu**. What had happened, I found out, was that she took my wallet, got her buddy who looked a lot like me, and took him down to the courthouse to file the certificate a week after I said no. 

“So, legally we were married and I had no idea. I was enraged, but at the same time glad she had the timing to tell me before I tried to marry my girlfriend. My girlfriend was a saint, was understanding, and stayed with me while I got the last of my ex squared away. I spoke with a couple lawyers about what I could do and they said there was no proof. The good news is that she just wanted the divorce and nothing else. Luckily it was all taken care of. She randomly still tries to contact me but I just ignore her. These days I am still married to the same woman who stayed with me. We are super happy together, and have two kids.”