You and your kids will love decorating ceramic ornaments. Credit: Shutterstock

29. Ornaments Out of Modeling Clay

Whether you are preparing for the holiday season, or you just like hanging little ornaments around the house, you might want to create something out of modeling clay. You can buy blocks of modeling clay online, or at any craft store. If you want to avoid baking the clay to make it harden, be sure to buy air dry clay instead. This can be an amazing craft to do together with your kids, because they will be proud to know that they helped make an ornament.

Even a simple flower pattern can look cute on a tree. Credit: Shutterstock

Just like play dough, you can shape your modeling clay into anything you like. Some people also like to roll out sheets of clay and use cookie cutters to press and remove shapes. Be sure to leave a hole for a string that will go in later. Once the ornaments have dried, you can paint them. Depending on the type of dough you buy, you may have to bake them a second time. Always be sure to read the instructions, and find a YouTube tutorial to watch examples.