Best Student Desks to Fit Any Home Space

By Shannon Quinn
Best Student Desks to Fit Any Home Space

In 2020, most parents were forced to deal with homeschooling their children for the first time in their lives. For a long time, desks were completely sold out, and families had to figure out where to set up their kids for distance learning. Many kids ended up sitting at their kitchen table together with their siblings, or sitting on their bed, because there was nowhere else for them to set up camp. However, now that some time has passed, you might be in the market for buying a student desk. Here at Home Addict, we’ve combed the Internet to find some of the best student desks out there for any home setup. Be sure to keep scrolling until you get to #1, where I reveal the secret of where you can find the cheapest desk on the market right now.

The Linnmon/Alex desk from Ikea. Credit: Ikea

30. The Linnmon/Alex Table From Ikea is a Classic Option: $109.99

When you’re trying to redecorate your house on a budget, one of the best places to go is Ikea. And one of the most popular desks sold at Ikea is their Linnmon desk with the Alex drawer attachment. This is great, because the drawers provide tons of storage for school supplies, arts and crafts, or anything else you might need to keep on the table. The desk is affordable enough to give to your kids without breaking the bank, and it provides them with plenty of storage to grow into the next grade or two and still be able to use the same piece of furniture.

And if the day ever comes where you no longer need this table as a school desk, it works really well as a sewing or crafting table, too. Or, you can completely remove the table and just keep the drawers. Whatever works for you. Keep in mind that shipments from Ikea are majorly delayed, due to the craziness we’re experiencing in the world right now. Just to give you an example, I had to wait over one month to receive a package, even though my local Ikea is 20 minutes away. Recently, certain items were completely removed from the website as an option to ship anymore. So if your kids need this desk sooner rather than later, this option works best if you have an Ikea in your local area.