This desk is easy to set up and put away. Credit: Sofsys

29. This Folding Desk is Perfect For a Temporary Setup : $76.49

In 2020, it became necessary for millions of people to work from home. They had to create brand new work spaces for themselves, as well as their kids. Everyone had to figure out how to have Zoom meetings into the office, and how everyone could possibly have some semblance of privacy to get their work done. But when you live in a small house or apartment, there just might not be space for you to set up multiple desks throughout the house. It was overwhelming for a lot of people, and some decided not to buy a desk yet, in hopes that things will get better. However, even though there is hope on the horizon, we still have some time left to go. That’s why this foldable desk is such a good option for people who aren’t ready to make a permanent change. 

Instead of buying a large piece of furniture that needs to stay in a fixed position, this desk can be set up and taken down within just a few seconds. You can take this out and use it as a desk with a kitchen chair, and fold it up to put it away when you’re done for the night. It’s also great because if things get too noisy in one room, you can pick it up and move to another. You could even get some fresh air by taking this out on your apartment balcony or backyard. Combined with its versatility, this desk is also one of the most affordable on the list.