Best Student Desks to Fit Any Home Space

Shannon Quinn - November 30, 2020
This industrial style shelf doubles as a desk. Credit: Leaf Designer

2. This Industrial Style Shelf Doubles as a Desk : $149.99

This next desk is an interesting choice, especially if you’re really trying to keep a designer aesthetic to your home without bringing too much extra furniture in. It’s made from industrial black bars, and is essentially a bookshelf. But one of the shelves is larger, making it possible to sit down with a laptop. This is great if you live in a small apartment, or truly don’t want to get a desk and home office area set up. Once you take off the laptop, it goes back to looking like a cool industrial style shelf. The shelving provides storage space for you to keep any supplies you may need for work or school.

The obvious downside to this shelf is that it doesn’t offer a lot of width to have a work space. You can’t have two monitors or a lot of other accessories on such a small desk top. However, some people don’t need to work on their laptops for hours at a time. They might just need to occasionally have a Zoom meeting with their team, and they can move on with their day. I would really only recommend this to people who are looking for a stylish secondary setup, rather than their one and only desk.

The classic Ikea table that many people use as a desk. Credit: Ikea

1. The Ikea Linnmon Adils Table is The Best Bang For Your Buck: $24.99

Last but not least is the Linnmon Adils Table from Ikea. I promised that I would share the secret of where to find the cheapest desk, and here it is! About a year ago, these tables were only $15 each. It was always cheap and easy to get a new desk from Ikea, even on the smallest budget. But once everyone on the planet was searching for a cheap desk, the price skyrocketed to $50, and has finally settled down to a comfortable $25. Even though the price has gone up by $10, it’s still the most affordable desk you can find on the market right now.

If you have an Ikea near you, this just might be the best solution to getting a desk for homeschooled kids, especially if you believe this setup is only temporary. And if you have more than one child, you can get one for each of your children for the cost of buying just one on Amazon. However, Ikea seems to have stopped shipping from their stores. So you can really only get this if you’re able to shop in person, and hoping they have it in stock. If you choose to go there, be safe, and good luck.