Best Student Desks to Fit Any Home Space

Shannon Quinn - November 30, 2020
This masculine desk has a ton of storage. Credit: Two Maples

10. This Desk Has Storage Both Above and Below : $99.99

Earlier on this list, we already showed a beautiful white and gold desk with double storage shelves. This one is a nearly identical style desk, except that it is far more masculine with wood and black metal. Obviously, your gender doesn’t make a difference in which colors you prefer. Pick a desk that goes with your pre-existing home decor. This desk works out perfectly for anyone who needs some extra storage space, and it could potentially replace some of your existing furniture. A desk like this will also transition nicely from childhood through teenage years, if it lasts that long. And obviously, this desk is great for college students and working adults.

If you’re putting a desk like this in the bedroom, consider getting an iPad or Apple Watch charging station. It has enough space that it could be an entire multimedia center in your bedroom. With the shelves both above and below, it becomes the perfect place to display books, collectables, clocks, photos, and more. When you have the ability to customize your work space, it becomes a much more fun and happy place to sit down and work. That’s why I love the idea of a desk like this, because it leaves open so much opportunity for customization.

Another sneeze guard option. Credit: Varwaneo

9. Sneeze Guards Are Great For Small Home Classroom Pods : $129.99

Earlier on this list, we already mentioned three-tiered sneeze guards for individual student desks. If you have a smaller group of people working or studying together, it might not be necessary. But when multiple people are working together at the same table, one large sneeze guard would suffice. Depending on your individual circumstances. consider getting this one, instead. This item is more necessary if you plan to have a learning pod or any other scenario where you invite people in from outside of your inner circle.

I can imagine this single pane sneeze guard working out if you have teenagers or older children who don’t need to stay in a small desk learning pod. Maybe a friend wants to come over for the day, or you need to babysit a neighbor’s kid while they run to the grocery store. It can give you a little bit of extra security knowing that your kids are safe behind a screen, on top of wearing face masks. Unfortunately, this item is around $130, so it’s the same price as one of these desks. This may not be necessary for a lot of people, but it could potentially be an extra precaution you might want in your home.

This electric desk adjusts its height with the touch of a button. Credit: Flexispot

8. This Electric Standing Desk Adjusts With The Touch of a Button : $299.99

So far on this list, we gave a lot of options for children’s desks that adjust in height. But what about the adults? Many people experience the same problem of finding a desk that’s too short or tall for us. This desk changes height with the touch of a button. It even gets high enough where you could use it as a standing desk. Because of this, it should really be a one-size fits all sort of desk. If you’re planning to buy this for children, it just might be perfect for them to grow into for years to come. And if they feel antsy, they can adjust the desk to stand and get some energy out instead of sitting all day.

Consider purchasing a laptop stand that we mentioned earlier in this list, if you’re a tall adult who really wants to add some extra height on top of what this desk is already capable of. Just pay attention to the width of the desk before you buy it. I have a friend who purchased this in the past, and he needed to return it, because it wasn’t wide enough to fit a second monitor that he needed to complete his work. However, if you’re using a laptop, or your kids just need to use it to do some schoolwork with a textbook, it should be large enough to get everything done with ease.

Yet another rolling standing desk. Credit: Seville

7. This Rolling Desk is Perfect For Working in the Living Room : $95.73

Earlier on this list, we showed a rolling desk that’s meant to hang over the top of a bed. This next desk is very similar, except that the bar is in the center of the table, rather than going off to the side. It’s perfect if you’re planning to use your laptop in the living room, or need some temporary tabletop space next to your existing desk. There is the option to adjust the height, so it should be able to work no matter how tall your other furniture may be. In the future, when it’s no longer necessary to work from home, I can imagine this table becoming useful in the garage, craft room, and so many other scenarios.

This is also a good option if you need to watch over your kids, and you want them to be nearby. No matter what room you happen to be in, your kids can be right there. Since this table has wheels, it can travel to different areas of the house. The obvious drawback to this table is that it is so small, you can’t realistically set up a permanent workspace here. I recommend only buying this as a secondary desk on top of a traditional dedicated work space.

Looking for a standing desk? Credit: Siducal

6. Double Decker Standing Desks Help You Keep Fit While You Work : $79.99

With gyms closed or having limited hours, a lot of us are struggling not being able to get as much exercise as we once did. That’s why standing desks can be great. You can get your work done while standing up, which burns some extra calories. Earlier on this list, we showed a height adjustable desk that you could potentially stand with. However, I see the first desk as mostly sitting with the option to stand. With this one, I see it as mostly standing with the option to sit.

For all of my teens and early 20’s, I always worked jobs where I was required to stand or walk for several hours at a time. So when I began working at home full time, it was a difficult transition to keep sitting all of the time. If you resonate with that, this desk might be good for you. Besides the fact that it’s geared towards people who are trying to keep fit, it genuinely looks like a good setup to keep all of your computer accessories in one place. There is even a section to hold your computer tower, if you happen to be using a PC. Depending on your setup, you could stack a monitor on top, or simply move your laptop to the higher tier when you’re ready to stand.

This faux marble table is very stylish. Credit: Novogratz

5. This Faux Marble Desk Can Serve Multiple Purposes : $123.24

This faux marble desk with brass hairpin legs is very trendy, and it would fit into a glamorously styled interior space. I love how this desk looks like it has a lot of legroom. There is a cubby space insert inside of the desk, which mimics the traditional school desk your kids are used to. It can be a perfect way to hide any textbooks, notebooks, pens, and paperwork inside of the desk to keep the top clean and tidy.

When things start to go back to normal, this could double as a hallway console table in the future if you no longer need it as a work desk. This would also work really well as a makeup table to get ready in the morning. Personally, I think this is a perfect desk if you have a teenage daughter who is looking to use this desk throughout middle school and high school. Obviously, it would also be great for college and well into adulthood, as well.

A beautiful oval table. Credit: Nathan James Leighton

4. This Oval Table Makes a Very Stylish Desk : $279.03

If you want a piece of furniture that doubles as both a desk and a console table, this is it. It’s beautifully colored in white and gold, which fits in if you’re going for a glam look. There is just one drawer for storage, which is nice for putting away your pens and other supplies. I can imagine this going into a bedroom where you don’t necessarily have the space for a huge home office setup, but at least you now have a place to set up for Zoom meetings and writing emails.

The only potential downside to this table is that it may be too low to the ground if you’re an adult who’s trying to sit at it, and there isn’t much leg room, either. In the past, I used a vintage writing desk with a very small insert to put your legs. It became too uncomfortable once I started working on it full time. But for young girls, this could be a perfect furniture piece that will easily transition into her teenage and college years.

For little kids, this Ikea table is great. Credit: Ikea

3. This Ikea Kid’s Table is Perfect for Toddler’s Craft Projects : $29.99

If you have toddlers, they might feel left out when they see their older siblings sitting down at their brand new desks. Even in the years before preschool, your children are still learning every single day. They’re learning about colors, shapes, textures, and emotions. So there is plenty of opportunity for them to have their own learning space. This kid’s table from Ikea is perfect for toddlers, and can double as a play area for drawing, coloring, and playing. Keep in mind that it’s so small, they really outgrow this by the time they’re ready to enter Kindergarten. For Preschoolers, you just might be able to get away with using this for a year before giving it to your friends and family who have recently had children.

We had one of these for my youngest brother, and he absolutely loved to sit there to have his meals, play video games, and so much more. On special occasions like Thanksgiving, it can become the kid’s table for the little ones who are the right size to fit in it. This desk is also great if you want to do an Ikea Hack and turn it into a lego table. Your kids would have hours of fun doing just that. If you haven’t already seen it, check out our Ikea Hacks for a Home Makeover On a Budget.

This industrial style shelf doubles as a desk. Credit: Leaf Designer

2. This Industrial Style Shelf Doubles as a Desk : $149.99

This next desk is an interesting choice, especially if you’re really trying to keep a designer aesthetic to your home without bringing too much extra furniture in. It’s made from industrial black bars, and is essentially a bookshelf. But one of the shelves is larger, making it possible to sit down with a laptop. This is great if you live in a small apartment, or truly don’t want to get a desk and home office area set up. Once you take off the laptop, it goes back to looking like a cool industrial style shelf. The shelving provides storage space for you to keep any supplies you may need for work or school.

The obvious downside to this shelf is that it doesn’t offer a lot of width to have a work space. You can’t have two monitors or a lot of other accessories on such a small desk top. However, some people don’t need to work on their laptops for hours at a time. They might just need to occasionally have a Zoom meeting with their team, and they can move on with their day. I would really only recommend this to people who are looking for a stylish secondary setup, rather than their one and only desk.

The classic Ikea table that many people use as a desk. Credit: Ikea

1. The Ikea Linnmon Adils Table is The Best Bang For Your Buck: $24.99

Last but not least is the Linnmon Adils Table from Ikea. I promised that I would share the secret of where to find the cheapest desk, and here it is! About a year ago, these tables were only $15 each. It was always cheap and easy to get a new desk from Ikea, even on the smallest budget. But once everyone on the planet was searching for a cheap desk, the price skyrocketed to $50, and has finally settled down to a comfortable $25. Even though the price has gone up by $10, it’s still the most affordable desk you can find on the market right now.

If you have an Ikea near you, this just might be the best solution to getting a desk for homeschooled kids, especially if you believe this setup is only temporary. And if you have more than one child, you can get one for each of your children for the cost of buying just one on Amazon. However, Ikea seems to have stopped shipping from their stores. So you can really only get this if you’re able to shop in person, and hoping they have it in stock. If you choose to go there, be safe, and good luck.