How To Find The Perfect Rug to Fit a Space

Trista - December 14, 2021

7. Reach Out For Help From The Professionals 

The type of rug you choose should be one that you like, accentuating the theme of decoration you had in mind. A key to having beautiful interior decor is your wanting to do it. The excitement and thrill that you get when decorating or choosing items for your interior are essential. It’s okay to browse designs from Pinterest to get ideas or concepts if you are undecided. This way, you will be fully invested in making the right choice so take your time, look through each one carefully before you decide so it will not be a case where you just point at one nonchalantly and spend a long time regretting why you did not look through some more afterward. While you are shopping for the perfect rug, don’t forget to ask questions. There are tons of experts and professionals you can find online to answer any questions you might have. 

If you are not sure about your choices, write emails or even book a consultation with interior design experts. A rug is something close to permanent. It shouldn’t be something you feel ashamed of showing to your friends or family. It does not have to be online, though, even at the shop or store. Ask them questions. If you have already placed other furniture in your room and a rug is just the last thing to complete the look, you can take pictures. Then show the shop attendants to get their opinion. Some people shy away from asking questions that are often at the tip of their tongue, and at the end of the day, they find out that the questions are fundamental. They should have asked instead of keeping it inside them. Why? Because if they had asked, perhaps they would have chosen a different rug than the one they ended up with.


6. Two Rugs Are Better Than One! 

There is a trend that has been on the rise in the ranks of popularity lately. That is layering. To layer your rug, you simply place one rug on top of another, right? Hold on. We understand what you must be thinking. It sounds crazy and maybe a waste of resources, but we promise you it’s not. There are lots of reasons why you should try this. It could be for the aesthetics, to make the rug color pop out, or even as a way to keep that old rug you like instead of throwing it or storing it away. If you prefer the concept of layering, you can also use a rug pad.

A rug pad, also known as a rug gripper, is a pad you place under your rug. Don’t be confused though, this is not the same as layering as the pad is often the same size as the rug, and in the first place, the rug pad is not a rug even. The pad exists to act as a buffer between your rug and the floor, especially if the rug is slippery. It prevents the slip, stops your rug from being crushed and its fibers from being matted down, thus increasing the rug’s lifespan. A rug pad is critical if your floor is a hardwood floor. This will prevent the rug from leaving marks or scratches on the floor so that when you decide to replace your rug or even remove it from that space, you will still have a floor that is as shiny and clean as the first time you made it. 


5. Always Consider Your Budget When Rug Shopping. 

The general guideline is to avoid purchasing a new rug if you can’t afford it, even if it means living with a bare floor. This is why it’s crucial to make a budget for all your interior decoration, especially rug shopping. Why? Because, believe it or not, rugs are more expensive than you’d think they are. If you can afford it, though, it’s a good idea to search for materials like cotton, silk, and wool, which may still look excellent and wear well over time. These materials are incredibly durable. Wool rugs, for instance, can last from 25 up to 50 years without any visible signs of wear. In fact, unless you’re in the mood for a change, there’s no need to replace any wool rug. Materials like synthetic need to be changed every 3-5 years due to easy wear and tear. To save money, it would be wiser to choose the most durable option.

Did you know that the amount of money you want to spend on a new rug will be close to the entire cost of the large furniture? For example, a rug for your living room must be as expensive as, if not more expensive than, the sofa set. If your sofa is exotic, your rug should be the same. Ideally, you should prepare your budget to include an extra 10% to be more flexible with your price rangeHowever, it is not a must to have an expensive rug. You can find beautiful rugs in flea markets, vintage or antique stores, or interior decor stores. As long as your rug suits your taste and the design of the space, you can put it there! It is the right rug. Just make sure you don’t break your bank in the process.


4. Cleaning And Caring For Synthetic Rugs

It is unfortunately impossible to keep your rug clean at all times. You can spot-clean, steam-clean, or vacuum synthetics. Although most such as acrylics are stain-resistant, they may appear dirtier. Why? Because synthetics collect dirt and oil. You can wash synthetics using a rug cleaning machine or shampoo with mild detergent to avoid making the colors fade and air-dried. You can always shake out crumbs and dirt from the rug. Remember always to blot and never run stains on synthetic rugs, vacuum weekly or even more if necessary, and treat spills with stain remover.

According to Revival Rugs’ Hyman, natural oils (lanolin) keep spills from permeating the wool fibers. “For hand-knotted rugs, blot the stain to soak up any excess, then tease it out with a toothbrush and dish soap and water. Avoid scrubbing, as this can damage the fibers.” Wool rugs are usually stain-resistant, so they can be easily cleaned using a spot cleaning spray. They can also be vacuumed, shaken out, gently, and lightly scrubbed. You can always cushion your rug with a rug pad. Rotate it often to even out wear patterns in cases of high traffic. Also, make sure to use a low impact vacuum instead of a high power vacuum.


3. Ways To Clean Silk And Cotton Rugs

Get rid of the dust on silk by vacuuming the rug first, then use a soft broom to beat it lightly. Next, blot the stains on the rug using a dry cloth and some baking soda. Lastly, use a mixture of vinegar and water to clean the stains and eliminate any odor on the rug. Silk rugs are delicate, so be careful when you’re cleaning. Avoid vacuuming the tassels or fringe on the rugs. Instead, fluff them gently using your hand. Do not place heat sources in contact with silk rugs and minimize the rug’s direct exposure to sunlight. To avoid mold or mildew, make sure the rug is completely dry before placing it on the floor. 

Cotton fibers are the easiest to clean. They can be vacuumed or simply machine washed to get rid of stains. Ensure that the rugs are washed alone without anything mixed with them to avoid staining. Ensure the washing machine is on the delicate cycle, and always use gentle detergent with cold water. Do not overload your washing machine. For the large rugs, they can be steam cleaned. Blot up spills immediately to avoid any damage to the rug. Make sure to test all stain removal methods on a patch before using it to clean the entire rug. Always seek professional assistance to avoid escalating stains by trapping them deeper within the fibers when in doubt. One wrong move could ruin your rug completely. 


2. The Pile Of The Rug

The pile of a rug is a measurement of the rug’s density or thickness. It is simply how thin or thick a rug is. Coarser rugs will always have more piles than exquisite and finely patterned items. There are two types of pile regarding rugs: dense and fine. Low-pile rugs are great for high-traffic areas like the kitchen since they have shorter fibers and loops (think flatweaves). High-pile rugs contain taller, looser strands (think shag or Moroccan rugs), making them plusher and perfect for the bedroom or living area. For places like dining areas or kids’ rooms, generally, places that have a high risk of rugs getting stained, it would be advisable to get thin rugs so that it will be easier to get the stains out. Thick rugs are generally more suited to bedrooms because they are super comfortable and soft to touch. They also have a very homey feeling, so if you’re looking to make your space warm, cozy, and comfortable, a thick rug should be your choice.

However, thin rugs are not without their merits. People use them in professional buildings and modern houses with many sleek edges and fancy designs. Thin rugs have a wider variety of designs compared to thick rugs. You can use thin ones to add a little pizzazz to your space. There’s a technique called layering. You place one rug on top of another, mostly using thin rugs. You can use a patterned rug on a plain one or even something like a fake bear rug on a standard rug. Make sure the two rugs can be seen for the technique to affect the space fully. 


1. Do You Whatever Makes You Happy!

Ultimately, your space is yours. The most important thing is for your area to be what you want and suit you. Your home is an extension of who you are. Let your rug reflect that as well. Get bold patterns, sleek neutrals, plush thick pastels, and whatever it is that suits your needs and your home. Here are some extra tips just in case. If you have carpeting on your floors, you don’t have to leave them bare. You can always add a rug to the carpet. It will add color and character to the space, which would otherwise look boring. Remember to choose your rug first. You can work your furniture and other decorative pieces to complement or match the rug. This is so the rug ties the room together. In cases where people choose the rug last, finding the perfect matching rug is always a long, tedious and expensive process. Some end up having to settle for neutral-colored rugs.

Don’t skip patterns. Patterned rugs bring a room to life. Most people prefer solid colors for their cushions. A patterned rug will add character and warmth to a space. Always use a rug pad to avoid having your rug slip and slide. Rug pads keep rugs in place. That way, you don’t have to worry about always making sure your rug is in the right place. It also adds an extra layer of comfort and softness. Be mindful of your budget and look for cheaper options. Be on the lookout for sales and discounts so you can get the rug of your dreams at a decent amount.