How To Find The Perfect Rug to Fit a Space

Trista - December 14, 2021

1. Do You Whatever Makes You Happy!

Ultimately, your space is yours. The most important thing is for your area to be what you want and suit you. Your home is an extension of who you are. Let your rug reflect that as well. Get bold patterns, sleek neutrals, plush thick pastels, and whatever it is that suits your needs and your home. Here are some extra tips just in case. If you have carpeting on your floors, you don’t have to leave them bare. You can always add a rug to the carpet. It will add color and character to the space, which would otherwise look boring. Remember to choose your rug first. You can work your furniture and other decorative pieces to complement or match the rug. This is so the rug ties the room together. In cases where people choose the rug last, finding the perfect matching rug is always a long, tedious and expensive process. Some end up having to settle for neutral-colored rugs.

Don’t skip patterns. Patterned rugs bring a room to life. Most people prefer solid colors for their cushions. A patterned rug will add character and warmth to a space. Always use a rug pad to avoid having your rug slip and slide. Rug pads keep rugs in place. That way, you don’t have to worry about always making sure your rug is in the right place. It also adds an extra layer of comfort and softness. Be mindful of your budget and look for cheaper options. Be on the lookout for sales and discounts so you can get the rug of your dreams at a decent amount.