People Share Their Worst “Karen in the Wild” Stories

Trista - May 29, 2022
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10. The Problem With Coupon Queens

Coupons have expiration dates on them for a reason, and it means you have a limited amount of time to use them before you can’t anymore. But we’ve all heard the stories of Karens who save as many coupons as possible and believe they can still use them all after they’ve expired. This “Karen” decided to get the manager involved even after she’d been told her coupons didn’t work and started making up lies, maybe to get the Reddit user fired. Hopefully, it didn’t work. [via Skyninjataco]

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9. Karen Gets A Piece Of Humble Pie

The point of arcade prizes is that you have to play to get a certain number of tickets to trade them in for a prize. So if you have no tickets, you can’t get one. Yet this woman felt so entitled that she demanded that her child be handed a prize that they hadn’t won. Thankfully, this person’s manager stepped in and put her in her place, as well as embarrassed her in front of everyone else by having security take her out of the building. [via TimCos1246]

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8. A Manager Standing Up To A Karen

Here is another coupon story with a much happier ending. This “Karen” thought she could get away with expired coupons. And when she couldn’t, she demanded to see the manager. Thankfully, this manager was on the Reddit user’s side and made her leave the store instead of giving in to her demands. No one knows if “Karen” learned her lesson. However, at least she knew she couldn’t act a fool and expect to be treated with respect. [via d0n7w0rry4b0u717]

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7. It’s Just A Joke

Imagine being so entitled that you can’t even take a joke you’re not involved in. This store’s employees didn’t even act out in a way that affected her personally. Yet, she deemed it fit to get the manager involved simply because she didn’t like it. She wasted her effort, time, and anger for absolutely nothing. She should learn to take a joke instead of everything so seriously next time; then, maybe she wouldn’t have had several employees laugh in her face. [via gottemboi]

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6. The Loss Of A Job For Laughing

It sucks that this person was fired for something that obviously wasn’t their fault. You can’t help but laugh at other people’s stupidity and how stubborn they can be to admit that they’re wrong. Although this Reddit user lost his job, he definitely made the customer waste a lot of money and time having to order a completely new washing machine when it would have cost zero dollars and zero time to just switch the hoses around on the back of his washing machine. [via JohnCenaFanboi]

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5. Not As Fresh As You Want

If you unplug your fridge, it won’t stay cold. That’s because it uses electricity in order to get cold so that it can keep your food fresh. Why was this woman expecting to get a fridge that’s already cold? That would mean that it was in use before she got it, and she ordered a brand new fridge. Anyone with common sense would know they’d have to wait for a while for a refrigerator to become cold enough before putting their food in, but we guess this “Karen” just couldn’t wait. [via o0quicksilver0o]

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4. For Emergencies Only

Hospitals have very specific policies when it comes to prescription pills. Furthermore, they have to be followed by the letter. If they’re broken in any way, then people can get in trouble. Explaining that to this, “Karen” was beyond her scope of reasoning, it seems, and she ended up calling the cops to force this Reddit user to give her pills. The cops, of course, were going to follow the law and promptly threw the woman out of the hospital empty-handed. That was a sweet piece of justice right there. [via andrewfoxs]

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3. Half And Half

You’d be upset if you walked into a bakery and someone sold you half of a cupcake. That goes double if it already had a bite out of it. So what was the thought running through this “Karen’s” head when she thought she could return half of her chocolate cupcake for a vanilla one in exchange? What was she going to do? Eat half of that cupcake and return it too? You can’t just return food you’ve bitten into because it’s a health hazard. But her entitled brain couldn’t wrap her head around this concept, apparently. [via cabernetcat]

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2. Unreasonable Demands And Blame

If you leave something in the store, are you going to blame the employees for your mistake? Surely not, but a Karen doesn’t follow that line of logic. This woman left behind her card at a McDonald’s. She flew off the handle, pointing her finger at the person who’d served her. As if they’d held her card hostage and refused to return it. Of course, yelling at them didn’t change anything because she still had to go back and get it anyway, so that was egg all over her face. [via deadlysyntax]

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1. This Will Floor You

This Karen story takes the cake to round out the end of this article. You thought the previous stories were terrible? This Karen put her racism on display by stating she didn’t want any black men to install the flooring in her home. She definitely changed her tune when she demanded to see the manager and discovered that he was a black man. Unfortunately, we don’t know if she changed her mind about getting the flooring but we certainly hope she has a change of heart, and possibly reads some books about how to be anti-racist. [via Trompdoy]