People Share Their Worst “Karen in the Wild” Stories

Trista - May 29, 2022
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2. Unreasonable Demands And Blame

If you leave something in the store, are you going to blame the employees for your mistake? Surely not, but a Karen doesn’t follow that line of logic. This woman left behind her card at a McDonald’s. She flew off the handle, pointing her finger at the person who’d served her. As if they’d held her card hostage and refused to return it. Of course, yelling at them didn’t change anything because she still had to go back and get it anyway, so that was egg all over her face. [via deadlysyntax]

via Reddit

1. This Will Floor You

This Karen story takes the cake to round out the end of this article. You thought the previous stories were terrible? This Karen put her racism on display by stating she didn’t want any black men to install the flooring in her home. She definitely changed her tune when she demanded to see the manager and discovered that he was a black man. Unfortunately, we don’t know if she changed her mind about getting the flooring but we certainly hope she has a change of heart, and possibly reads some books about how to be anti-racist. [via Trompdoy]