Stylish Home Decor for Under $40

Shannon Quinn - January 7, 2021
This candle is designed to make dreams come true. Credit: Art of the Root

22. These Candles Help Your Dreams Come True

In case you don’t know, manifestation is the process of focusing on your goals, and opening up your spirit to the possibilities life can bring. Basically, if you learn how to manifest, you can make your dreams come true. Some people call it “The Law of Attraction”, while others simply see it as shifting your focus to take action on accomplishing your goals. This candle is made by a Wiccan company called The Art of The Root that has added oils, herbs, and even citrine crystals to encourage manifestation. It smells like orange and vanilla. Once the candle has burned down, you can keep the citrine crystals. Citrine is supposed to help motivate you to take action on your goals. Even if you don’t necessarily believe in this on a spiritual level, the candle is still very cool.

A self-love candle, to help manifest love for yourself. Credit: Art of the Root

We’ve also added a photo of another candle from Art of The Root, which is called “Self Love”. Sadly, a lot of insecurity that we feel in society comes from a lack of self-love. When you love yourself more, it becomes easier to love those around us. The company sells several different types of candles, depending on what you want to bring into your life. When you think about it, it’s basically the same price as a candle from Bath and Body Works. So instead of giving your friend something that smells nice, you’re giving them something that represents the fact that you support their dreams.

The Rachel Ray oil dispenser. Credit: Rachael Ray

21. This Olive Oil Dispenser is Basically a Sculpture

If you do a lot of cooking, you probably have an olive oil dispenser. This makes it a lot easier to spread just a small amount of oil onto your pans before you do anything frying. Clear glass olive oil dispenser bottles are available at Dollar Tree. They’re nothing special, and it’s very common in a lot of people’s kitchens. So if you want something that looks or sculptural on your kitchen countertop, consider this fancy olive oil dispenser.

Pouring should be easy with this oil dispenser. Credit: Rachael Ray

The one we chose for this list is designed by Rachael Ray. But there are a lot of other companies out there who sell oil dispenser bottles. Take some time to browse through the listings online, and find something that fits your aesthetic. No matter what brand you buy from, you’ll be almost guaranteed to find it for $20 or less.

Pour-over coffee is delicious. Credit: Bodum

20. This Pour-Over Coffee Maker Is Simple and Stylish

With so many fancy coffee makers on the market today, it can be hard to choose what you want. And unfortunately, brands like Keurig and Nespresso make you buy pods that are not good for the environment. If you’re looking for something that’s more simple and straightforward, consider having a pour-over coffee maker.

A beautiful breakfast setting. Credit: Bodum

There are a few different styles on the market, but I chose this one because it looks very chic. All you have to do is boil water in a kettle on your stove top. Prepare the pour over coffee maker by placing a coffee filter inside and put the coffee grounds into the filter. Once the water is done boiling, you simply pour it over the coffee grounds and it will drip down into the pot. This is very simple to use, easy to clean, and much better for the environment.

A beautiful marble rolling pin. Credit: Fox Run

19. This Marble Rolling Pin is Both Stylish and Useful

If you’re looking for a rolling pin to do some baking, consider getting one that’s made of marble. Not only is it very chic and stylish, but there is actually a practical reason why some people use marble. When you’re baking pastry, you need to keep the dough cold. A lot of people will actually put the dough back in the freezer a few times if they’re making puff pastry, because the heat from your hands is enough to make it too warm. Marble maintains a cool temperature better than wood, so it helps keep dough cool for a longer period of time.

A cold rolling pin is great for making pastry dough. Credit: Fox Run

Aside from the practical element of this rolling pin, it is really pretty. Even if you don’t bake a lot, it can be a really beautiful addition to your kitchen accessories, especially if you already have marble countertops. On the flip side, it can be a great way to incorporate marble into your kitchen if you don’t have any at all. For example, in my home, we have wood block countertops. But we have a marble rolling pin and cutting board, which adds just enough luxury into the space.

This match container has a built-in striker. Credit: Henro

18. Display Matches in a Decorative Container Beside Your Candles

Most people who have scented candles keep those cheap black lighters that you find at the dollar store. There is nothing wrong with these types of lighters, but they don’t add any elegance to your home. This match striking container is a very cute way to keep long match sticks, with the built-in ability to strike the side of the pot.

These match sticks go perfectly with this neutral setting. Credit: Henro

Some people like to leave out these matches for aesthetic reasons, and they still reach for their cheap dollar store lighter. It’s totally up to you how you’d want to use it. But it does look beautiful in little vignettes with candles and coffee table books.

A full set of bee’s wax candles. Credit: Little Bee

17. These Bee's Wax Candles Are Timeless

Lighting candles is a great way to help you feel cozy at the end of the day. Most people love to get scented candles from somewhere like Bath & Body Works or Yankee Candle, because they can help make your home smell amazing. While there’s nothing wrong with that, you don’t always want a scent when you light a candle. This is especially true if you’re trying to light candles around the dinner table. You don’t want the scent of a candle to mix in with the scent of the food, because it can throw off your taste buds.

An elegant table setting with beeswax candles. Credit: Little Bee

These bee’s wax candles are handmade and all natural. Beeswax is special, because the consistency of their wax is very thick, and it lasts a very long time. They burn slowly, and drip far less than other candles made of paraffin wax. Some even go as far as to call them “drip free”. Of course, these particular candles have a cute little honeycomb pattern along the edge of the candle, which reminds you that they came from bees. Since bee’s wax is more rare and expensive, giving this gift to a friend is like giving them a far more luxurious version of your typical candle.

A beautiful shadow box frame. Credit: TJ Moree

16. A Shadow Box Frame Can Display So Many Things

Shadow box frames are a wonderful way to display 3D sentimental items on your wall. These can be objects from your child’s early years, a collage of mementos from your wedding day, or objects that help you remember people who have passed away. On a less serious note, you can use these for flower arrangements and other artistic endeavors. If you check out Pinterest, there are so many amazing ideas on what to do with a shadow box frame.

Many people choose to create a meaningful collage inside of a shadow box. Credit: TJ Moree

Most craft stores will have shadow box frames in stock, so it’s not such a special item that it’s necessary to buy online. But if you’re shopping online in order to avoid crowds and stay at home, I’ve chosen a beautiful wooden box that would look gorgeous in almost any home. This would also be a great gift to give someone if you know that they enjoy hobbies like scrapbooking. They might already have an idea in mind that they can get working on right away.

Ceramic painted vase set. Credit: Inglenix

15. A Full Set of Painted Ceramic Vases

Ceramic vases are a popular choice no matter what type of style your house is decorated in. For example, if you find a lot of inspiration from Japanese homes, you might want to go with Japanese pottery. Or if you want something more Farmhouse style, you might want to check out some of the vases that are available from Joanna Gaines’ brand at Target called Hearth and Hand. You may even find some great vases at your mother or grandmother’s house, or at your local thrift store.

This singular vase looks beautiful with dried flowers. Credit: Inglenix

But if you are trying to decorate an entire mantlepiece or bookshelf with multiple matching vases, you’re better off buying a set all at once. And if you’re on a tight budget and can only afford $40 or less, you may want to go for a set like this one. We selected a very simple looking set of ceramic vases that have been painted with little flowers on the side. This is perfect for anyone who is trying to go for Cottagecore vibes. If you want to know more, check out our Guide to the Cottagecore Aesthetic.

Three floating shelves. Credit: Timeyard

14. These Floating Shelves Are Unique

Buying a floating shelf for your home is very common. It’s a great way to free up space by keeping things on your wall. Stores like Walmart and IKEA carry various styles that you can choose from. But this particular floating shelf is incredibly stylish and unique. The shelves are connected by ropes, which gives a sense of whimsy almost like a lot ladder leading up to a treehouse. Even though this looks to be loose, you could always add extra nails to ensure that each shelf is sturdy.

A plant collection sits on top of these floating shelves. Credit: Timeyard

If you would rather not nail these shelves to the wall, you can always let it hang loose, like the photo above. When it’s hanging, we recommend that you don’t put anything too heavy on the shelf, just in case it falls. A lot of the example images show people using these shelves as a place to store their plants. It could also potentially be dangerous if you live in an area where you’re prone to get earthquakes. And if you have children, this might be a temptation for them to swing it. With all things considered, we hope that if you buy this, it will be safe, stylish, and sturdy for years to come.

A circular bohemian throw rug. Credit: Safavieh

13. This Bohemian Throw Rug is Great For When You Need It

Rugs are notoriously expensive. You can expect to pay a few hundred dollars for a decent quality throw rug. Even at discount stores, or finding something on clearance, you’ll still spend at least $100. However, if you have hardwood floors or tile in your apartment or house, it’s always good to have at least a few small throw rugs around the house. If you’re on a small budget, this is a lot more affordable than buying one large rug for your living space.

Always check the size of a rug before purchasing online. Credit: Safavieh

We found this beautiful bohemian style circular throw rug on Amazon for under $40. Since this is a small rug, this might be perfect in a small space like your kitchen, bathroom, or in a landing area when you first open your front door. Obviously, it would go very well with your house if you already have a Bohemian style working in the rest of your decor. Here at Home Addict, we already have a guide to Bohemian Decor, so be sure to check that out when you’re done with this article.

Distressed key hooks. Credit: Comfify Store

12. A Set of 3 Key Shaped Hooks Are Elegant and Useful

Do you ever lose your keys, or scramble to find your things in the morning? Having key hooks when you first walk through the door is a great way for you to hang anything that you need before leaving for work in the morning. This is especially important if you tend to lose your keys, or employee badge on a regular basis. If you’re a woman, you may want to hang your purse there when you walk through the door. It’s also a great place to keep all of your essentials for going outside, especially if you have trouble finding your umbrella or hat on a rainy day.

Hooks are great for holding sweaters, keys, and purses. Credit: Comfify

There are a lot of different key hook sets out there, but this one in particular looks like actual vintage keys. Personally, I think they’re beautiful, and they fit in perfectly if you have shabby chic, farmhouse, or French country decor. They’re far more stylish than many of the other hook options out there. And the fact that they are made of such a thick, sturdy metal means that you may be able to hang coats and other heavy objects on these, as well.

An oval mirror with distressed edges. Credit: Stonebriar

11. This Oval Mirror Is Perfect for Cottagecore

Everyone needs the mirror in their house, and many people also keep them in various rooms. In Feng Shui, mirrors are also used to reflect energy that could be causing issues in a home. (Check out our Guide to The Biggest Mistakes in Feng Shui.) If you’re going to have mirrors all around your house anyway, they might as well be stylish. This one in particular is an oval shaped mirror that is in the Rococo style. It is distressed to make it look as though it is older than it actually is.

This mirror is very small, so please check the measurements before purchasing. Credit: Stonebriar

The only downside to this mirror is that it is very small. This would probably work out very well if you are living in a dorm room, or only have a bedroom to yourself to decorate. It would be awkwardly small in a bathroom or larger living space. Obviously, a mirror like this and a larger size typically costs well over $100. Before you buy this, please pay attention to the measurements, and decide if it would work well in your space.

A set of 6 true marble coasters. Credit: Crafts of Egypt

10. Marble Coasters are a Classy Way to Protect Your Tables

There is something about marble that is universally understood to be luxurious. When you walk into a kitchen with marble countertops, you immediately say “wow”. This stone is expensive, sturdy, and meant to last a lifetime. However, not everyone can afford to have marble countertops in their kitchen. These circular coasters are a great way to give your home that little bit of luxury and elegance without breaking the bank. You can choose from many different shades of marble color. Some companies also sell slices of gemstones, which make amazing coasters, too.

A closeup of the coaster in action. Credit: Crafts of Egypt

For the sake of this list, we found true white marble coasters. Keep in mind that many sellers online sell coasters that are not real marble, but rather a different material that’s been wrapped in contact paper to look like marble. So always be careful reading the description before you commit to a purchase. If you’re on a very tight budget, you can always turn this into a DIY project if you buy a roll of marble contact paper and do this yourself.

This faux antique lantern would look beautiful for a cottage look. Credit: Stonebriar

9. This Lantern is Very Shabby Chic

If you’re trying to go for a Cottage Core, Shabby Chic, or Farmhouse style home, you may want to consider purchasing this antiqued lantern. Lanterns work really well when you buy them in sets of two. This makes it possible to flank them on the sides of a doorway or window to help light up the night. However, one will do just fine if you’re trying to build a stylish vignette. Browsing through the customer images online, you can see some of the beautiful examples of how people have used these. Some people also purchase these in bulk in order to create rustic wedding centerpieces, too.

This lantern can illuminate the night. Credit: Stonebriar

The style of these lanterns is made to look like they have been around for 100 years. These are not real antiques, but your family and friends just might be convinced otherwise. It’s possible to put a real candle inside of these lanterns, but you may want to consider purchasing an LED candle instead. These flicker just like real candles, but they will never melt or cause a real fire. Just be careful, because some family members have been known to accidentally light a fake candle and melt it. Whoops!

Shag rugs are oh so fluffy. Credit: Ashler

8. Shag Rugs Have Been In Style For a While

Shag rugs have been popular for years, especially back in the 1960’s. Nowadays, you don’t see them as often as you once did. But that doesn’t make them any less stylish or comfortable. (If you’re a vegan, it’s possible to get a faux fur shag rug, so please don’t be offended by this suggestion!) Shag rugs work very well in the Hollywood Regency style, but it also gives you this sense of glamour. Personally, I feel like it’s something you would see in a 20-something female’s apartment.

Keep your feet warm by placing a rug near your bed. Credit: Ashler

Shag rugs are so fluffy, some people even use them as blankets. But for the most part, they’re a throw rug that sits on your floor. Some popular places are just beside your bed, so that your feet step onto something warm first thing in the morning. It can also be very cozy if you like to play board games on the floor with family and friends. The one and only downside is that they may be difficult to keep clean. Sine it’s literally fur, you can’t throw it in the washing machine and expect it to be okay. Check out tutorials online before attempting to clean it.

These hooks are super cute. Credit: Auld Home

7. AuldHome His and Hers Towel Hooks (Set of 2); Cast Iron Rustic Farmhouse Decor Door Wall Hangers

If you’re in the market for new towel hooks, consider getting these “his” and “hers” hooks in black and white. These should look good with many different home decor styles. Each of the hooks only holds two towels or robes, so it’s admittedly not the best if you have a larger family. But this could be a beautiful gift to give your friends if they recently got married, or they purchased their first home. It could be perfect for a bathroom that’s an on-suite attached to the master bedroom, since these are typically only used by the couple, while their kids use a different bathroom in the house.

Hang towels near the bath with these hooks. Credit: AuldHome

An obvious issue with these hooks is that they’re designed for straight, cis-gendered couples. There may be other gender option pairings online, or it may be best to skip all together if you identify as “they”. Or, you could always buy two sets of these, so that they say “his and his” or “hers and hers” and give the other two to friends. There are a lot of elegant towel hooks out there to choose from, if you’re trying to look outside of the box hanging your towels instead of your typical towel rack. These small details truly add up into a stylish, elegant home.

Stylish bookends are always a good idea. Credit: Danya B

6. These Gold Hands Hold Books In Place

Looking for new bookends? These golden hands are literally holding your pile of books together from either side of the table or bookshelf. This would be especially great if you had a grouping of coffee table books that you wanted on display. The size of these bookends are relatively lifelike, so they’re small and should fit into small spaces. On the bottom of each hand, there is a piece of fabric that will help to prevent scratching your table or bookshelf.

These books help give perspective to the size of the bookends. Credit: Danya B.

With so many bookends on the market, it’s important to find something that suits your particular style. Do some research to see what’s out there, and find inspiration from places like Pinterest and Instagram. Remember that you’re probably going to be looking at these every day, so it’s important to truly love and enjoy looking at them. However, it seems as though a lot of people love these bookends. Interior designers have raved about how cool they are. Browsing through the reviews, some people liked them so much, they purchased them twice.

A beautiful butter dish. Credit: Comfify Store

5. This Ceramic Butter Dish Is Great For Your Table

I believe that every house needs a good butter dish. If you’re planning a big family breakfast or a meal like Thanksgiving, it’s customary to put butter on the table so that people can spread it on their rolls or toast. Leaving butter on a plate while it softens runs the risk of flies landing on it, which is why there is a lid. This may even work well for elegant picnic parties, so long as you’re careful not to break the ceramic. I love this butter dish in particular, because of its elegant Shabby Chic style.

A complete breakfast setup with an elegant butter dish. Credit: Comfify Store

Obviously, butter is dairy, and will spoil if you leave it out for too long. Unlike the bread box, this isn’t something that you can put on your counter and forget about. If you’re in a house full of adults, it may be possible to keep this butter dish in the fridge and take it out as-needed. But in a bustling household where things can easily break, I recommend only using this for special occasions. It could also make a good gift to give someone as a housewarming present, because not everyone would think to buy themselves a butter dish.

A beautiful bathroom sign. Credit: The Metal Foundry

4. This Chic Bathroom Sign Helps Guests Find the Loo

Nowadays, it’s rare to have a lot of guests over your house. However, if you plan to have parties when it’s safe to do so, a bathroom sign might be a great thing to have. When you visit a friend’s house, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out where the bathroom is, especially when all of the doors are closed. This makes it blatantly obvious where to go. And if you own a business, this sign can serve a real practical purpose.

The bathroom sign on a business door. Credit: The Metal Foundry

The style of this sign is very whimsical, and would go well with Cottage Core or Shabby Chic style. Of course, you can have signs made to match literally any interior design style that you like. If you’re a business owner, start to think outside of the box from the typical signs you can find at office supply stores like Staples. Small details like this can add a lot of style to a space.

A box to protect your bread. Credit: Breathe Essential

3. A Bread Box is a Stylish Way to Keep the Critters Away

Since bread boxes are rarely used in the United States, there will be a lot of you out there who have never heard of this. In case you are not aware, a bread box will prevent mice or bugs from getting into your bread. It also keeps your bags of bread hidden away under something stylish, rather than leaving a plastic bread bag out on the counter or in the refrigerator. This one in particular is black and white, and it fits perfectly with Farmhouse, Shabby Chic, or Cottagecore style decor.

A bread box on a counter top next to apples. Credit: Breathe Essential

Here in the United States, bread boxes are not as common as they are in Europe. While bread doesn’t need to be refrigerated, a lot of people tend to leave their bread in the fridge if they want to keep it off the counter. This can have a negative effect, because the bread can get crushed by the food. Bread boxes really do make a lot of sense to keep on your kitchen counter. When I was staying in England, I noticed how easy it was to keep the countertop near and tidy because of the bread box, and it’s something that I want for my own home someday.

Abstract art is easy to make and affordable to buy. Credit: Vintage Book Art Co

2. Abstract Art is Always a Stylish Idea

Over the past few years, minimalism has become popular once again. Everyone is realizing that you don’t need a lot of things in order to be happy. So if you were one of those people who prescribes to a minimalist style, abstract wall art typically goes with that vibe. Instead of being a full scene or intricately detailed painting, abstract art is all about lines and simple color schemes.

This print is large enough to put into a poster frame. Credit: Vintage Book Art Co.

I chose this print in particular because the black lines can either look like scribbles, or interlocking faces. It’s a great example of how your mind can interpret an image depending on how long you look at it. If you’re on a very tight budget, this is an example of a piece of art you can try to recreate on your own. Instead of sticking to just black and white, you could add your own colors to an abstract painting, and make something amazingly unique to your space.

This tic tac toe set is perfect if you have kids. Credit: BSIRI Store

1. This Wooden Tic Tac Toe Game is Perfect For Snowy Nights

Keeping board games in your house is a great idea for long winters when your kids can’t go outside to play. The only downside to doing this is that these games tend to look cluttered and are not very stylish when left out in the open. If you want a board game that’s easy for younger children to play, and it’s beautiful enough to have on display, I highly suggest purchasing this wooden tic-tac-toe set. The top wooden slat slides off so that you can leave the game pieces inside. This would look beautiful on a table next to a stack of your favorite coffee table books.

This Tic Tac Toe board may be smaller than you realize. Credit: The Bsiri Store

Obviously, TicTacToe is so easy that adults tend to get bored of it quickly. So this might only be amusing for your kids up until a certain age. However, even if someone is too old to play anymore, this is one of those decorative game sets that still looks beautiful and elegant even if no one is playing it regularly. This is similar to how many people like to keep a chess set in display (especially if they are fans of The Queen’s Gambit.) if you’re a household full of adults, you may want to search for a chess set with your $40 instead.