Stylish Home Decor for Under $40

Shannon Quinn - January 7, 2021
A beautiful butter dish. Credit: Comfify Store

5. This Ceramic Butter Dish Is Great For Your Table

I believe that every house needs a good butter dish. If you’re planning a big family breakfast or a meal like Thanksgiving, it’s customary to put butter on the table so that people can spread it on their rolls or toast. Leaving butter on a plate while it softens runs the risk of flies landing on it, which is why there is a lid. This may even work well for elegant picnic parties, so long as you’re careful not to break the ceramic. I love this butter dish in particular, because of its elegant Shabby Chic style.

A complete breakfast setup with an elegant butter dish. Credit: Comfify Store

Obviously, butter is dairy, and will spoil if you leave it out for too long. Unlike the bread box, this isn’t something that you can put on your counter and forget about. If you’re in a house full of adults, it may be possible to keep this butter dish in the fridge and take it out as-needed. But in a bustling household where things can easily break, I recommend only using this for special occasions. It could also make a good gift to give someone as a housewarming present, because not everyone would think to buy themselves a butter dish.

A beautiful bathroom sign. Credit: The Metal Foundry

4. This Chic Bathroom Sign Helps Guests Find the Loo

Nowadays, it’s rare to have a lot of guests over your house. However, if you plan to have parties when it’s safe to do so, a bathroom sign might be a great thing to have. When you visit a friend’s house, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out where the bathroom is, especially when all of the doors are closed. This makes it blatantly obvious where to go. And if you own a business, this sign can serve a real practical purpose.

The bathroom sign on a business door. Credit: The Metal Foundry

The style of this sign is very whimsical, and would go well with Cottage Core or Shabby Chic style. Of course, you can have signs made to match literally any interior design style that you like. If you’re a business owner, start to think outside of the box from the typical signs you can find at office supply stores like Staples. Small details like this can add a lot of style to a space.

A box to protect your bread. Credit: Breathe Essential

3. A Bread Box is a Stylish Way to Keep the Critters Away

Since bread boxes are rarely used in the United States, there will be a lot of you out there who have never heard of this. In case you are not aware, a bread box will prevent mice or bugs from getting into your bread. It also keeps your bags of bread hidden away under something stylish, rather than leaving a plastic bread bag out on the counter or in the refrigerator. This one in particular is black and white, and it fits perfectly with Farmhouse, Shabby Chic, or Cottagecore style decor.

A bread box on a counter top next to apples. Credit: Breathe Essential

Here in the United States, bread boxes are not as common as they are in Europe. While bread doesn’t need to be refrigerated, a lot of people tend to leave their bread in the fridge if they want to keep it off the counter. This can have a negative effect, because the bread can get crushed by the food. Bread boxes really do make a lot of sense to keep on your kitchen counter. When I was staying in England, I noticed how easy it was to keep the countertop near and tidy because of the bread box, and it’s something that I want for my own home someday.

Abstract art is easy to make and affordable to buy. Credit: Vintage Book Art Co

2. Abstract Art is Always a Stylish Idea

Over the past few years, minimalism has become popular once again. Everyone is realizing that you don’t need a lot of things in order to be happy. So if you were one of those people who prescribes to a minimalist style, abstract wall art typically goes with that vibe. Instead of being a full scene or intricately detailed painting, abstract art is all about lines and simple color schemes.

This print is large enough to put into a poster frame. Credit: Vintage Book Art Co.

I chose this print in particular because the black lines can either look like scribbles, or interlocking faces. It’s a great example of how your mind can interpret an image depending on how long you look at it. If you’re on a very tight budget, this is an example of a piece of art you can try to recreate on your own. Instead of sticking to just black and white, you could add your own colors to an abstract painting, and make something amazingly unique to your space.

This tic tac toe set is perfect if you have kids. Credit: BSIRI Store

1. This Wooden Tic Tac Toe Game is Perfect For Snowy Nights

Keeping board games in your house is a great idea for long winters when your kids can’t go outside to play. The only downside to doing this is that these games tend to look cluttered and are not very stylish when left out in the open. If you want a board game that’s easy for younger children to play, and it’s beautiful enough to have on display, I highly suggest purchasing this wooden tic-tac-toe set. The top wooden slat slides off so that you can leave the game pieces inside. This would look beautiful on a table next to a stack of your favorite coffee table books.

This Tic Tac Toe board may be smaller than you realize. Credit: The Bsiri Store

Obviously, TicTacToe is so easy that adults tend to get bored of it quickly. So this might only be amusing for your kids up until a certain age. However, even if someone is too old to play anymore, this is one of those decorative game sets that still looks beautiful and elegant even if no one is playing it regularly. This is similar to how many people like to keep a chess set in display (especially if they are fans of The Queen’s Gambit.) if you’re a household full of adults, you may want to search for a chess set with your $40 instead.