These Creative Homemade Limousines Completely Defy Logic

Trista - October 15, 2021

Arriving at an event in a limousine is the epitome of class. Whether it is a wedding, dance, or just a special night on the town, you feel like royalty when you step out of a limo. When the driver opens your door, it is like a celeb getting the red carpet treatment in Hollywood. Of course, you want to feel like that all of the time! It only seems right to create a homemade limo that whisks you to and from your daily activities. You probably even know a guy who works on cars and can help! Slow down, please, and pump the brakes because what always sounds good in theory doesn’t come across the same in reality. These people also wanted to live a life of luxury and ride around in a limo every day. They also had someone help create the ultimate at-home limo. However, the results look like nothing short of a hot hooptie mess. Check out these creative homemade limos that defy logic. A few are cool, but most are just a complete ‘smh’ moment.

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Road-Worthy Lincoln Limos

Can you imagine putting gas in this bad boy? Oh yeah! Pulling up to the pump like an OG turned country. The extended Lincoln is a beauty of its own. That box body and tinted windows are straight from the late ’80s, early ’90s. But throw on some monster truck tires, and we have something special here. You could drive through any type of off-road terrain or over top of other cars on the highway like the Fast and the Furious. Let’s be honest, though. It’s the silver flames for us, bro. Those are sweet, for real. A custom paint job is pretty fresh and can make even the strangest of cars unique in its own right.

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Lookout For The Midnight Rider

Skip the trashy limos for now, and say hello to this beautiful machine! This trucker is hauling a heck of a lot in this custom limo. In fact, this might be the world’s largest limo regarding length and size. People call this infamous vehicle The Midnight Rider! Made of semi-truck parts (or 18-wheeler/tractor-trailer depending where you live), this hefty ride weighs 25 tons! That’s 2,000 pounds times 25, math buffs. It is 70 feet long, as well. You might spot this party bus driving around America, hosting fun events inside 46-feet of party space. Based in Southern California, give The Midnight Rider a shout out if you see it!


Extendo No-No

Unlike some other vehicles on the list, this is a limo gone wrong. In fact, it is probably one of the worst limos of all time! Talk about really building your own car from home. We do have to give it to this DIY car guru for trying. A for effort! But we hope you are not done yet. This cannot be the final result. Please get some better tires, windows, and, well, the rest of the car parts that are missing. We also suggest fixing the glossy feature on the passenger door because, well, it looks terrible. Buff out the rest of the scratches while you are at it. This strange limo might not be a two-tone, technically, but it’s actually worse.


Three-Tone Limos Going To Funny Town

This is quite the car combination! From the three different paint colors to the strange way the car is attached, we aren’t sure if we would ever get in this piece of work. Those little tires don’t look like they can handle any extra weight of people actually sitting in the car. How many seats are in this thing? It looks like a clown car that would pull up at a not-so-great birthday party with questionable entertainment. At least there are seat belts in the car, not that it makes anything really better in this limo situation. Keep reading to find more terrible limos that you wouldn’t be caught in, even if they paid you!


People Who Don’t Need Extra Money

Sometimes, people actually have too much money, and don’t know what to do with it. They should share it with those in need instead of doing something stupid. Because who won the lotto and got this weird limo? A lot is going on here, but let’s start with the busy mural. Do you feel like you are at the ocean? Is that Bo Derek hovering over the last tire? So many questions, but not enough answers. So, that is an interesting choice for a front end. Maybe it is supposed to be like a fish in the water, but it’s driving down the street. So confusing. At least it has enough tires to pull the extended vehicle, but those little windows are a bit creepy.


If you See This Colorful Catastrophe, Run!

So, here’s a kidnapper-style van duct-taped together. That’s never a good sign of success or positive role models. The first half looks like an extended school bus that Ms. Frizzle wouldn’t even drive. But it’s still better than that super filthy white criminal van with no windows. Their home is probably equally as dirty and creepy, like hoarders who don’t clean anything. It probably doesn’t even drive with those lame tires. We bet $5, the value of the entire contraption, that the thing cracks down the middle like Titanic as soon as they hit the gas pedal. Any takers? And no, we don’t want to know why there is a giant tape square on the side of the van, either.

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What In The Stretch Limo Is This?

Look at this shiny treasure! You know what they say: one driver’s trash is another’s treasure. A stretch Aztec limo — now that’s something you don’t see every day. This DIY limo might be slightly better than some others on this list. But the missing door handle doesn’t help at all. The look of the original car itself is not very appealing, but at least the doors are all level and aligned. Speaking of doors, let’s go back to that missing handle and discuss why they decided to keep all of the doors. Very strange for a limo concept. If you order an uber, and this thing pulls up, would you get in for a ride in any of these limos, much less this one?

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Jump In the Ultimate BBQ Bandwagon

When you hear the phrase, jumping on the bandwagon, this is what they mean. Let’s start with the positives here: that bench thingumabob. That’s creative and uniquely its own feature. However, the buck stops there. The weird makeshift paint curtain right in front of the bench area gives us ‘smh’ vibes. Plus, the original red beauty has seen better days as it’s not the greatest machine ever created. Can it even move? Not that we are hopping in anytime soon. We will just meet you down by the river. The license plate also reveals that this limo is not native to America, so it’s true when they say DIY limos is an worldwide craze.


There’s Eight Wheels and a Bunch of Questions

This stretched limo is pretty impressive. The wheels and rims are nice, to say the least. Now to say the most: you had us until we really noticed you hooked a Hummer to a (Ford?) truck. Both of the vehicles already seemed nice on their own, so why? The cover over the truck bed is peculiar, and we aren’t sure if we like it or not yet. What do you think about this vehicle? Here is a better question: where do you think the owner lives? Inquiring minds want to know, but we would guess Florida. Okay, our second guess is Texas, but let us know what you think. It is definitely somewhere down south, right?

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A Heavy-Duty Ford F— Something!

When it comes to limos, this is the real deal. It looks like a shiny new penny! You are probably familiar with the typical truck that carries a family: the F150. However, Ford has numerous types of trucks in the F series. Some are quite monstrous, like the F650s and F750s. These are helpful for hauling large workloads and are designed for toughness. So when this creative car guy made this limo, they did a great job building a heavy-duty vehicle. You can tell they took pride in craftsmanship with an extended stair step and built-in handles. Hopefully, this road hog doesn’t have too many blind spots.


Don’t Drive This Hot Mess

Here is a crazy-looking homemade limo that should have stayed, well, home. So, this is parked at a convenience store. That means the crafty owner drives it in public! That’s great if it gets them from point A to point B, but why? It seems a bit rickety and dangerous to drive. And no, that’s not fair to assume what the driver looks like or how they might talk! Let’s just say they have an interesting vision when it comes to car projects. They didn’t have to throw on that crusty brown door when they had a great blue-white pattern going on, either! Backing that thing up most be a pain in the you know what, too.


Take a Look At This Trailer Transformation

This homemade limo is probably the driver’s house, too. Tiny living is a new thing, but this is a bit much. Having your home on wheels is not ideal unless you like that sort of living. The trailer itself is kind of cool, but the tin-looking silver is a bit much. It looks like a giant, outdated appliance. And the silvery shades don’t even match entirely. The neighbors probably hate it being parked on the street, but where else can you put that thing? Wait, don’t answer that. All we are saying is that the extended front probably makes it more than difficult to maneuver. Keep reading for more strange DIY limos in all parts of the world.

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Hop In the Limowagon For a Fun Experience

The year is 1980 and you are heading to the skating rink with 20 of your best friends. But wait, there’s not enough room! Well, not anymore, thanks to grandpa’s cool limo. You won’t miss a thing on your one-of-a-kind journey. Why? Because there are over a dozen windows, including a little square in the back. And that part is giving us hearse vibes. That extended line of windows doesn’t mean you can stand up or look out the top; it’s just there to look strange. Yes, there are all of those windows and still no moon roof. At least the craftsmanship is on point for this limowagon. There’s no duct tape or weird transitions, so that’s a win-win for this DIY homemade limo.

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Taking The Final Ride In Style

Not saying this is a hearse since there is no real loading station in the back, but that little curve on the black part of the roof sure looks like one. Nevertheless, this vintage limo is pretty neat-o. We like the rounded window in the back and the blue curtains. Whoever took the time to create it obviously did a good job, too. It’s not rusted and wonky like some other homemade limos on this list. Would you go for a spin around the block in this hearse-looking limo? The street sign is encouraging everyone to be safe, so it seems legit. Plus, it is probably in another country, so when in Rome, right?

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This Staff Car Is Now a Staff Limo

It’s like asking for a raise and getting a pizza party. The boss tells you that a staff car, no wait! A staff limo will pick you up and escort you to and from work each day. Wow! That would be a dream come true; you can save money and get carted around like a wealthy royal. However, instead of a sleek, tinted limousine, a taxi cab-looking cart arrives in your driveway. And it has your not-so-favorite coworkers coming along for the ride. Figures. Okay, in fairness, the creator of this car probably doesn’t have that intention, but could you imagine? That is like being considered essential during a global pandemic…

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If You’re Going To Do This, Invest In a Custom Paint Job, Please

There is a lot to unpack in this picture, and we aren’t just talking about luggage from the old car, either. We can get past the four doors and handles because of the retro 50s-style winged bumper. Let’s even move from the flat tire in the back; the owner can always get a new tire. The strange Christmas tree carrying top is kind of annoying, but whatever. The one thing that really ruins this homemade limo is the disgusting paint job. From the green stripes to the bad brown, it screams ouch. It makes the car hard to look at when it could be a decent job. Invest in some paint, and spruce this beauty up!

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Rolling Around Like The Addams Family

For some reason, this looks like the vehicle the Addams family drives around town with. The flat paint job isn’t glossy, so it gives a drab look. While a lot of people like a matte look opposed ot metallic, it just doesn’t give the shine it should! The original car is pretty dreary, too, and old-fashioned. The craftsmanship of the homemade limo isn’t too bad, though, in all honesty. Besides, this type of vintage goth is popular among many people. We bet a bunch of people gladly hop in this extended limo and whisk away that gloomy mansion at 0001 Cemetery Lane. Whether by a swamp and a cemetery or located in Central Park or Chicago, you’re going.

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Check Out That Really Big Bug

Have you ever seen a VW bug quite like this one before? Neither have we! This Volkswagon is stretched to the max! If you see this homemade limo, beware. You might get an extra whopping if you play the slug bug game with your siblings or friends. Anyway, let’s move past the lovely paint job, shiny wheels, and adorable windows. What is that in the trunk? This thing is packing! Now that isn’t quite junk in the trunk; it looks like some type of supercharged engine that can probably make this thing nearly fly. Have fun racing around in this retro limo. Keep reading for more unique DIY limos that actually made it somewhere.

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Rev Your Engines For Homemade Limos

This is much more than a basic DIY limo-like all the others on this list. No, take a closer look. The driver is at some type of event performance. Something serious is about to go down. Hopefully, the crowd goes wild at whatever he is trying to accomplish. It looks he might have put a car on the back of an actual limo in this case before painting it red with flames and taking all of the windows out. At a better glance, the glass from the lights is gone too, which means maybe music is involved as well as speed. Good luck to this car guru. Hopefully he wins, gets a trophy, or something, as long as he isn’t booed after his show!

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Fly Off to Outerspace in DIY Limos

This homemade limo looks like it came from another planet for a visit. The sleek silver car looks like it joined Marty McFly for a Back to the Future trip. The front of the car is an outdated classic, which looks unique in itself. However, the more you travel down the car, the cooler it looks. Like a spaceship! The unique aerodynamics of the windows yet jagged lines of the car are a sight to see. This car is indoors, which raises more questions about why it is on display, or if it is even supposed to be in there, to begin with! To be fair, the lobby also looks retro and outdated, so is this even a recent picture or we living in the past?

Run Over Your Enemies In Monster Limos

Take over the streets in this giant homemade limo — and do whatever you want! The actual extension of this Chevy is impressive, but the custom paint job is also fantastic. The flames look real, and the Hustler details are eye-catching. But the real showstopper of this DIY vehicle is the oversized tires. Those are some giant monster wheels! They probably have a great, thrilling time! It lifts the entire limo to a larger-than-life level. You can tell the driver isn’t afraid to skirt around the open desert, either. We bet doing donuts in this thing is a thrilling ride that compares to a roller coaster ride, or something similar.

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Buying a Stretch Prius Is Not Worth It

What would you say if you rolled up on a lot and this vehicle was for sale? Would you be excited or scared? It doesn’t matter if you only have to put a penny down for this used car — don’t buy it. This thing is the definition of cray cray. These extended vehicles with wavy lines make you go cross-eyed, like looking at a bad photoshop fail. Unless you are 16 and think this is really ‘cool,’ just say no. You will look like a big dork, punk, loser, whatever mean word you want to use! You won’t save on gas with this ugly homemade limo. No, your friends don’t think it’s fun, either. They are laughing at you, not with you.

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Travel in This Homemade Transportation

What is going on here? Is this a plane, a car, a boat, or something for Superman? It certainly looks like a plane, but we all know looks can be deceiving. The wheels under the body kit surely scream van. Okay, so we know it’s not a boat, either. But still, this homemade limo is a bit strange — and intriguing. Do you drive down the street like this? It would cause people to think a plane is crashing into their lane! Can you image their initial fear, and the fact that they would have to go home and change their paints afterward? The fold-down steps are a nice touch, though, as is the entire body kit. Keep reading for a not-so-cool DIY limo next.

Get Gas In the Next Town if You Are Driving DIY Limos

What’s green, black, and red? In blocky chunks, nonetheless? This ugly homemade limo, of course. The creator didn’t even bother trying to match the paints or cover the welding job. Sure, they like to have things chopped and screwed in the south, but I don’t think this is what they meant. Instead of cutting off the roof, they cut the car in half and stuck it to the back of another one to make an extended Tahoe or something. They then had the nerve to drive up to the station and fill it with gas. Well, at least they are getting where they need to go! Hopefully, they are going to the metal scraper and then the used or new car dealership.

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The Superbus Puts Other Limos to Shame

Have you ever heard of a high speed electric prototype called the Superbus? It can fit 23 people and go up 160 miles per hour. Well, here is a concept for a stretched Superbus and it has room for 43 passengers. It doesn’t even look that long, but this super stretcher is a thing of art. The driver sits in the middle, as you can see, and escorts the elite passengers to their destinations. Not only is it roomy, but it looks pretty fancy on the outside, too. The aerodynamics looks like it can cut through the air with speed. Would you like to get in the Superbus? We wonder how much it would cost for a quick ride.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed And Blue!

A bride-to-be could travel to her wedding in this Saab 99 classic and cover all of those things in one fell swoop. This old, new, borrowed, and blue DIY limo is quite a thing to gaze upon. The royal blue color is rather pretty, and they did a decent job getting the even hue throughout the extension. The homemade builder even took the time to install classic limo windows. Now the front still looks like a shabby Saab 99, but at least they tried to pimp their ride. Call Xzibit because he would be proud! We bet there are even some random features inside, like a built-in aquarium or freezer for ice cream.

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Get a Blast From the Past In Homemade Limos

If you want to relive the ’80s — big hair, sequins, and all — then hop into this Chevy C4. But it’s not just any Chevy C4. It’s an extended one. It’s almost like Ferris Bueller took his day off and went around town in this puppy. From the pointed front to the box back, you can tell the era just boasts of new beginnings. The extended part itself isn’t too bad either, with a somewhat seamless transition. The white paint, shiny feature, and blacked-out windows are perfect for the disco. It’s like you could just go from zero to 60 in four seconds, and then remember you almost went to the past with some creepy doctor.


Have You Seen This Transformer Before?

This is a garbage truck that transforms into an ugly car—just kidding! But the strange robot-looking limo could be in one of the movies and fit right in. The beat-up limo itself isn’t doing too well. However, that ugly orange doesn’t help! It looks like a jagged lizard or something. We have some questions that we will never get answers to, and it is frustrating. Let’s just move on since we can’t make out what is written on the side of the car anyway! Keep reading for more homemade limos that look, well, homemade. Some are okay, and some are just awful! Which ones do you hate, or love, the most?


The Runner Up Gets This Throne

Who do you think was trying to make an entrance in this beauty? It’s like Britney Spears singing Aqua’s Barbie Girl gone wrong. If you don’t win the pageant, you still get to ride to the dance in this thing. Congrats. Not the fancy ride you were hoping for? Sorry, Barbie. The DIY car owner went all out on pink spray paint for both the car and the wheels. And they probably spent their last dollar on that uber pink chair that looks soo comfy (sarcasm). Of course, that was after they welded a trailer end to a broken convertible. The way the hood looks, this chariot might not be going anywhere anytime soon.


Can Little Wheels Make a Big Haul?

Do you like camping or hunting? It is a big deal for a lot of folks! These hunters want to make sure they can cart their dead carcasses back home with them after a productive day in the woods. So, they extended this… thing. We aren’t sure how many vehicles are included in this contraption, but it looks like an SUV, a camper trailer, and another car. The paint jobs are all off, and the extension looks strange. That big black part above the wheels doesn’t do any justice to the limo, either. But the worst part of all is probably those teeny tiny tires that are completely bald. They would probably get farther riding the deer.


Don’t Ever Take Rides From Strangers — Even In Limos!

This photo looks like something you would see in a horror movie. You know, right next to the chainsaws. This creepy homemade limo is really strange. We aren’t even sure where to begin. Was the original vehicle a car or van? What is that rusted school bus thing around it? A torture chamber, probably. It looks the original vehicle is still underneath the metal wagon that the owner somehow attached. It is just giving us children of the corn killer farm vibes. Keep reading for more insane limos that people actually drive around town. It is not just in America, either. DIY limos are found in different countries, too.


Would You Use This Super-Stretched Truck?

How many times did you wish you had a truck, so you could skip delivery costs? Well, this owner never has that problem! These limos seem like a life-saver for some people, like construction workers or builders. Why? Because they can simply toss big tools and large equipment in the back and take off. From refrigerators to couches, you could fit practically anything in this extendo. Sure, the welding job is terrible, the two-tone looks filthy, and the extra gas tank is strange. But hey, this owner saved $100 getting that mattress home on their own! Worth it! It even has six wheels to ensure, um, safety and speed. Yeah, that’s it.


Is This For Real — Or Photoshop?

You would think this is a fake picture unless you were the one who was actually standing there to snap the image. How does this even make sense? You have six very small butts sitting in these super tiny seats as you whiz down the road. That doesn’t even seem fun, especially when it’s your brother, sister, mom, or grandpa you have to hold onto. Motorcycles allow you to feel the wind in your hair and enjoy the open road. This homemade limo seems like a bad ride at the fair nobody wants to really do. You might as well strap yourself in one of those motorcycles that just goes around in a circle, attached to movable mechanics.


Skip This Ride, And Go For the Bus Instead

Not all limos are created equal, and this one is no exception. It’s only okay to stand on buses and subways. And even then, is it really safe? This looks like the most dangerous ride on the list in terms of homemade limos. Even if you are hauling a heavy load of products instead of people, it could just fall right off the truck. Besides, the vehicle is such a low-rider that it is bound to hit every single bump on the road. Not only are the tires nearly flat and bald, but the cricketing thing looks like it won’t even start when you try to turn the key over. Our advice is to skip this homemade limo and just hop on the bus instead.


Getting In This Slime Green Limo Is a Must

This DIY homemade limo is one of the best ones on this list! The custom paint and rims are excellent. You can bet the owner takes pride in this vehicle and took the time to put in cool features. If you love trucks, you can’t go too big, right? Imagine climbing up in this big boy and dominating the town. You would look like a celeb arriving at a party, prom, or even dinner in this sweet limo. What do you think the owners named this creative work of art? It probably is something that matched the coolness of this limo. We are glad you love this one, because the next limo is simply terrible. Get ready to go from a cool green to a crazy color!


When the Beverly Hillbillies Go to Walmart

Yes, here is the king of bad DIY limos. It really looks terrible. If the driver sneezes, this homemade limo might fall apart! Tread lightly around this one, folks. You don’t want Jed Clampett and his mama to come running out of the Walmart if you don’t proceed with caution. The truck-turned-VW bug has some rusted parts and folded metal, but apparently, it still drives just fine. It is falling apart but functioning! We are happy someone could snap a picture of this vehicle because we probably wouldn’t believe it otherwise. It’s all fun and games, but someone actually drove this thing on the road with other cars.


Satisfy Your Need For Speed — And Stretchiness!

This Dodge Raaaaam went to extreme measures when the owners of this vehicle created a homemade limo. With sturdy step-ups and extended mirrors, they seem to really care for this prized possession. One does wonder what is wrong with the wheel, as they had stopped looking at it when the picture was flashed. The little truck bed looks extra small because of the length of the vehicle. We are tempted to hop in and see what it is like in that space between the front door and the back. To be honest, though, these kids are probably embarrassed to go to school like this because, well, kids.


Plan a Road Trip With In Extended Wagon

This wagon just needs a woody side, and it would be a dream come true for some vintage lovers. Does it bring back memories of car rides across the state to grandma’s house? Dad yelled that he would turn the car around if you and your siblings didn’t shut up and get along. Getting mad at your mother for playing awful tunes when you just heard your favorite hit on the station before that one. Ahhh, those were the days. Now this owner can reminiscence whenever they want, thanks to this homemade limo. The color is hideous, but at least it is consistent throughout the entire body. This super-stretched Plymouth Satellite would be fun to hop in a go on another road trip with friends and family.


When Barbie Can’t Make Up Her Mind

These wacky van-truck connections are a sight for sore eyes. They look so trippy like they can’t even be real. But here is this driver, happily scooting around town in this pink-and-purple disaster. Not only is the extended attachment terrible, but the two-tone doesn’t help, either. Now let’s hop into the bed of the truck, which the driver so badly needed. It looks like there are two lights embedded on there for party time! And we can only imagine what the words say on the tinted rearview window. Probably something not-so-clever, unfortunately. But then again, the driver did make it this far, so who is the joke really on?


When Going Green Takes On a Different Meaning

Here is one of the best homemade limos on this unique list! From Oscar the Driver to Surf n’ Turf, we have a lot of nicknames for this vehicle already. It’s strange, but we can’t stop looking at it. Did they actually glue fake grass on the outside of this stretch limo? It indeed isn’t just natural moss forming on the paint. What a strange choice! You can tell the owner picked that custom job, and took time to make sure the door handles, sunroof, and break pads reflect the same green fun. Although this homemade limo makes us raise our eyebrows a bit, we like it more than others on this list. It is not a complete junker!


Do Not Ride In Homemade Limos

Here we go again with this bad limos that give us and everyone else a headache. This just looks like a bad photoshop fail because how is this even possible? Doesn’t it hurt your eyes to try to figure out the lines of the attachment? If you ever go to a used dealership, and this is sitting on the lot, do not buy it! That goes double for any Lyft driver who pulls up in this contraption. And the wavy connection is just the beginning of the problems. There would be no place for you to park this three-tone vehicle properly. Talk about embarrassing your kids when you arrive in the pickup and dropoff line for school.


If This Is What The Sheep Are Doing, We Are Following

Climb inside of this movable farm and see what dedication is all about. This homemade limo owner clearly cares about the animals. So much in fact that they do not need to go a second without eating, even on the road. Although it is probably pretty wobbling and not road-worthy because of the open sides, it is a creative way to cart around animals on the farm. With a giant sunroof and lots of room for hay, the sheep are living the high life in the land of luxury thanks to this ingenious limo crafter. Keep reading for some of the best and worst DIY limos in the world. Yes, it is a strange phenomenon found all over the globe.


Cover Your Arms Around This Double Slug Bug

Here is one of the worst DIY limos on this list. It looks really bad, but taking the time to analyze the situation just makes it worse. A VW beetle that has seen better days! Say goodbye to the glory days of the ’60s when this car was popular. This beat-up thing has gone backward from a butterfly to a caterpillar. The alignment is horrible, and the colors are just awful. The glass looks dangerous, yet the car needs more of it. Hopefully, this was just a fun project for the owner, and they aren’t too serious about showing off this unique homemade limo. Recycling is great, but there is still probably a better way to upcycle this metal.


What In the Dollar Store Is This Thing?

It’s a van. It’s a truck. It is another homemade limo! And not our favorite, either. This one looks like a hot mess from the jagged connection to the not-the-same-blues paint job. The vehicle looks like it will crumble any second, and we can’t believe it is actually parked at a store. That means the driver doesn’t mind risking their life and others to scoot around town. The local police probably know the driver and just wonder what else goes on at home; that is, besides weird DIY car projects. It looks like Walmart is across the street, but what store do you think the driver is parked at in the picture?