The Kinfolk Garden. Credit: Kinfolk

39. The Kinfolk Garden is a Beautiful Coffee Table Book

In 2020, there was a significant increase in the amount of people who decided to start gardening in their backyards. With more people in touch with nature, it only makes sense that we want to learn more about plants. A great idea is to buy a coffee table book that has something to do with gardening. Personally, I love coffee table books, because they make it easy for you to display who you are as a person and just a quick glance. They also add a lot of texture and dimension to a room.

Inside of The Kinfolk Garden. Credit: Kinfolk

For this list, I chose the Kinfolk Garden Book. Kinfolk is an interior design magazine that sometimes publishes coffee table books. This year, they released The Kinfolk Garden, highlighting some of the beautiful photographs of gardens they have collected.  It gives you a lot of inspiration for a project you might want to do in your own backyard, but it also lets your guests know that you are a gardener. In the reviews, people aren’t too happy with his book, because it’s mostly photos of houseplants without much gardening advice. Keep in mind that this book is more about the classy aesthetic it gives you, rather than the knowledge you’d learn.