People Have Discovered the Secret Ingredients that Revolutionized Their Home Meals

Trista - January 11, 2023

Cleanse The Palate with Ginger

Now, I know some of you may be thinking, “But wait, I’m not a fan of spicy foods.” Fear not, my ginger-fearing friend. This tasty root creates a delicate balance to anything spicy and enhances the dish’s life. It’s like a little fairy dust for your food. The little root that packs a punch of flavor! It’s the secret ingredient that will elevate your dishes to the next level. Whether you prefer it fresh, dried, pickled, crystallized, or in ground spice form, ginger adds a unique zing that’ll have your taste buds doing the happy dance. Pro tip: Try adding ginger to your baked goods for a warmer and spice-rich flavor.


Nutritional Yeast on Popcorn

Nutritional yeast may sound like some far-fetched food scientist discovered it, but this cheesy superfood can be found in nature. Despite its fungal-sounding name, nutritional yeast is neither a fungus nor a strain of bread-making yeast – it’s actually a single-celled organism called Saccharomyces cerevisiae. To make the healthy goodness you know and love, the natural organisms are harvested from breweries and then rapidly dried using low heat to preserve their vitamin B complex vitamins and other plant-based nutrients. Putting nutritional yeast on popcorn will feel like an indulgent treat. But it is actually a healthy alternative.

The Spruce Eats

Did You Say “Black” Garlic?

Black garlic may be a great alternative for you if you love garlic but hate the pungent smell that lingers on your hands and breath after cooking with it. Unlike regular garlic, black garlic has a sweeter, molasses-like flavor and a soft, chewy texture. It also doesn’t have that strong smell, so your hands and breath won’t stink afterward. And unlike other types of garlic that can be harsh on your digestive system, black garlic is actually good for your gut health. Black garlic is actually regular garlic that has been fermented over time through a sophisticated process. By controlling the humidity and temperature, regular garlic bulbs can become deeply flavorful black cloves that have an intense sweetness and some notes of balsamic flavor – amazing!

Cuisine at Home

Boursin Cheese for Your Next Pasta

Ready to make lemon pasta with a secret ingredient? It’s super easy according to Kate from Good House Keeping. First cook the pasta as directed and save about a cup of pasta water after you are done boiling. After straining the noodles, squeeze a lemon over the noodles. Congrats! You just made lemon pasta. Now add the secret ingredient: creamy and delicious Bourisn cheese. It is a brand of Gournay cheeses, which is soft, creamy and available in different flavors. It is similar to cream cheese. The heat from the pasta will start to melt the cheese. Add that leftover cup of boiled water. Toss to combine and it will make it a creamy sauce. Top with spinach and add more water as needed. Yum!

Greedy Gourmet

The Most Fragrant Little Leaf Is the Kaffir Lime Leaf

Kaffir lime leaves are one of the most underrated yet powerful ingredients in any kitchen. They might look small and innocent, but don’t be fooled! Kaffir lime leaves can turn an ordinary dish into a flavor-packed medley that will have your dinner guests coming back for seconds. To use them effectively, try adding them at the very end of cooking to preserve their maximum flavor – they only take a few minutes to infuse, and their distinct taste will really shine through. From stews to curries, soups, and more, the unique and somewhat mysterious flavor of kaffir lime leaves will transport you straight into a 5-star Thai restaurant.

Bon Appetit

The Food of The Gods, aka Asafoetida

Indian food is one of the world’s most diverse and delicious cuisines. But if you want to experience its glorious flavors, you must try dishes with asafoetida. Asafoetida is an essential mixture of whole spices, giving your Indian dishes a uniquely delicious taste. It is as distinctive as its name. Some have called it the “Food of the Gods,” and others refer to it as “Devil’s Dung”… A 16th-century text declared that using this spice in cooking would ruin any dish due to its fearsome smell. Clearly, they had not had the privilege of tasting an Indian Masoor Dal.


Beyond Pickling with the Celery Seed

Celery seed may be small, but it packs a big punch when it comes to flavor. This potent spice has a pungent, earthy taste that can enhance any dish. While it is often used in pickling recipes, celery seed can also be used to add flavor to soups, stews, and sauces. And because it is so concentrated, a little goes a long way. Used liberally in a whole slew of international cuisines, celery seed has been a staple sidekick for many centuries. To name just a few places to put it in good use, try Chinese-style stir-fries, Indian curries, and chutneys, or jazz up your next pasta and pepperoni pizza with some Turkish-inspired Celery Seed.

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