These Countries Have Shockingly Different Parenting Methods Than The US

Monica Gray - August 14, 2023
World Bank


Moroccan families are tight-knit and often spend a lot of time together. Extended family members are involved, and a lot of the time, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings will get involved in raising the kids. Respect plays a big part in the Moroccan lifestyle, and respecting elders is important. Children also emphasize family matters over individualism, and prioritizing the needs of the family is more important than prioritizing their own needs.

If their family raises their children in Islam, then many Islamic, religious practices are put into place, like praying and fasting, especially during the month of Ramadan. Children are often celebrated in Morocco, and there’s something very unifying in tradition. Even though parents in Morocco can be tough on their children in some aspects, it works out (Smart Homeschooler).



You don’t have to worry about after-school sports or classes in Spain. It doesn’t go hand in hand with raising children in Spain. Because playfulness and exploration are important pieces of Spanish parenting, parents encourage children in Spain to run around outside. Children will often run around outside, in town, unsupervised.

Compare this to the hyper-vigilant and structured parenting styles of American families, who drive their children to and from school and always keep an eye on their whereabouts. And not only that, but Spain has fantastic weather year-round, so your child can spend time outside for most of the year. Parents include their children in everything they do, and family get-togethers happen more often than not. Children also receive free healthcare and dental care, which is another perk (Micasamo).